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Ebola Comes to Town

July 31, 2014
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Two Americans infected with Ebola will be flown to the United States and Emory University. This is the first time Ebola will arrive in the Western Hemisphere in vivo. This is most likely a political move, where Western countries are going to prove that they can handle this process without killing half of the US population. If they can’t the dead won’t be able to do much about it.

While a single plane could crash and create all new problems, this is a symptom of a sovereignty issue in the United States. Every argument for ignore the good sense God gave us with immigration and poorly targeted security boils down to “nothing bad happened yet, so we must be okay.” The logic is dumbfounding, especially since George Bush was expected by liberals to know terrorists would crash planes into skyscrapers for the first time in history or that Louisiana would perpetrate the worst evacuation plan in history.


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Have it Their Way

July 30, 2014
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The National Labor Relations Board is a government agency that usually resolves labor disputes by deciding that employees can dictate a large number of financial decisions by a company just because they were hired. They have dictated wages, settlements and have blocked the building of factories in one state by reading the minds of the executives and decided they were trying to get rid of unions by moving to a state with different labor laws.

The General Counsel of the NLRB proclaimed that franchises are joint employers for no reason other than it makes union infiltration less difficult. a “joint employer” would be a collection of two businesses who act as the employer for one set of employees. This is not the case in franchises, where the independent owner of a franchise makes all hiring and wage decisions about non-management workers.

Let’s use the example of the Great Satan for American liberals, McDonalds. The McDonalds Corporation has a number of employees who do work for the company like marketing and supply chain management and technology deployment. They also have a few “corporate stores,” which are owned by the corporation and are often used for showcasing new designs and technologies.

Then there are franchises. McDonalds sells the right for people to create a restaurant with the McDoanlds name, branding, menu and acknowledgement of the corporation. The franchise owner buys the products and equipment approved by McDonalds and follows certain policies. However, the store is their own. They can over-staff or under-staff it as they see fit. They can pay more or less depending on the marketplace. The McDoanlds corporation will only step in if the franchise makes McDonalds look bad.

Big Labor has its sights set on McDoanlds and other big employers because they are lazy and want to get millions in union dues from one case. The problem is that food service typically has margins of a few percent. The $15 wage for burger flippers will mostly speed the introduction of burger-flipping robots. Some people would prefer the idea of driving up to McDonalds, choosing some items from an app on their phone, driving up and having the order come out on a tray. IF you can run a store with one manager and one assistant manager at a time, union concerns are over anyway.

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Real Foreign Threats

July 29, 2014
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West Africa is currently experiencing the worst outbreak of Ebola in the short, but brutal history of the disease. The disease is treatable, but can only be fought off by a person healthy enough to survive it with the help of supportive medical care. Estimates are that it is up to 90% fatal if left untreated. A vaccine has proved elusive, considering that the medical community still doesn’t have a definitive origin identified for Ebola.

Smaller outbreaks of Ebola have been limited to small populations away from the cities. This outbreak has broken though that barrier, becoming harder to isolate and slow the progression. I suspect that if this pandemic continues, more nightmare scenarios will come out about how easily an outbreak could occur in the United States. This is still possible, but we still have modern medicine and a lot of infrastructure to deal with potential disasters.

Anyone who contracts Ebola is in big trouble. If symptoms aren’t caught in the earliest stages, it is deadly. For villages in Africa, the likely transmission is due to close proximity to food sources infected by fruit bats or meat from infected monkeys. The US doesn’t have that problem. We have more concern about physical contact spreading the disease. We’re not very self-sustaining in this country, however. After Hurricane Sandy, NYC dwellers were dumpster diving for food. Something like Ebola is a city extinction event, even if there is some warning.

The only good thing about this disease is that the scientists dealing with it know they are limited in their ability to deal with it and except they have limited knowledge of it. They act quickly and methodically, rather than the useless climate scientists who think they know everything and act in every wrong way possible. If those people ran the WHO, we’d be dead.

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Every Time Sarah Speaks, There’s a Ringing In a Liberal’s Ear

July 28, 2014

The launch of the Sarah Palin Channel comes a month shy of the sixth anniversary of her introduction to the world as John McCain’s Vice-Presidential choice at the 2008 Republican National Convention. Plain has decided to expand from her already popular Facebook presence to a multimedia website. She seems to be following in the footsteps of Glenn Beck, who launched a financially successful website that is also available on satellite.

I also saw a trend on Twitter for Sarah Palin TV shows. I’m sure it’s filled with trolls mocking Sarah Palin with the same tired jokes that are half a decade old. She may be living rent-free inside their heads, but they will have to pay $10 a month to insult her on her own website. 20 years ago, the new media was a cable channel that took a different approach to what “side” of the news was shown. With the new media on the internet, you can see almost every side represented. It’s just that the conservatives are the only one with content people are willing to pay for.

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The WaPo Challenge

July 27, 2014

Sarah Palin challenged the Washington Post to do the job they did with Watergate. Reporters took scant evidence of a “third-rate burglary” and followed it until people were willing to name names. The obvious reality is that Woodward and Bernstein didn’t like Nixon’s aversion to Communism and even Republicans didn’t like his campaign tactics. Aside from that, however, this administration has access to nearly unlimited data from the NSA and any minor detail in a story investigating Obama will be mined until they find the reporters, leaks and how much they really know.

Over the decades, the government and the people running it have figured out how to get elected and stay elected. Debt is more popular than austerity. Comfort and routine are more popular than freedom. Plus, the agencies tasked with detecting the country’s enemies have the added job of taking care of the people who question the regime. The Washington Post can’t do its job anymore because it has no reason to exist.

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Barack Obama: The World’s Fat, Drunk, Corrupt Absentee Policeman

July 26, 2014

So, Iraq has literally gone to hell, expelling any sign of Christianity and any Christian who doesn’t want to die in Mosul. It has been noted before that Obama seems to defer to America’s enemies and criticize America’s allies. Both activities come from the same place. He doesn’t want to do anything. The administration has no interest in fighting anywhere, either to stop our enemies or help our allies.

America will not be the world’s policeman. This is similar to what Bill Clinton tried during his term which allowed the organized crime of Al Qaeda to plot for 8 years without significant resistance. It takes time between when cops get lazy and corrupt and the point where criminals figure out how to exploit it. It looks like that time is 6 years on the world stage.

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Bad People are Bad

July 25, 2014

One of the reasons I supported the War on Terror even after the public lost interest is because it was truly a just war. Moral relativism is too often conflated with cultural reasoning. In a historical sense, we should understand why different cultures do what they do, but it is not necessary to deem all traditions and practices equally valid. Too much of the Middle East is run by bad people and their populations have shown a willingness to follow those bad people or similar bad people when leaders are replaced.

Those who warn us not to condemn Islam are missing the point. It’s possible to pick and choose parts of the Koran to put together a peaceful religion, but the vast majority of Muslims have not chosen to do so. While there may be religious leaders (many of the Imams are advocates of evil) who are supposed to guide the religion, most of the Muslim world reside in countries run by Muslims who use the religion to advance their goals. This is what I call political Islam and it is far more dangerous than any other religion on Earth for this reason.

Not only are individual countries preaching hate and intolerance, but larger organizations are trying to unite Muslim countries into huge theocratic states. One such group is ISIS, which has allegedly ordered the genital mutilation of all women of childbearing age in Mosul, Iraq using the process completely inaccurately known as female circumcision.

President Bush had been criticized multiple times after the fact for not acting on a vague note about hijackings a few months before 9/11. However, the international community barely reacted to the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan in March of 2001. The first time I heard about what the Taliban was doing to women in Afghanistan was from an episode of 7th Heaven written less than two years before 9/11. Bin Laden was in the news even before that.

The UN and groups like our own CIA love to think they can play dice with the world. Somehow, there is a formula where they can get what they want by just getting their hands a little dirty. I have heard so many times about the term “our son-of-a-bitch.” Here’s a formula. Bad people are bad and they will do bad things. They will do those bad things to you and everyone else. Maybe we should consider getting rid of all the sons of bitches, whomever they belong to. It will save money on hand soap in the long run.

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Does This Mean John Inglesino Supports Wife Beating, Too?

July 24, 2014

The story of 18 year old wild child Rachel Canning has crossed path with the legal system again. Canning was thrown out by her parents for dating a bad influence. Her Catholic School broke the Fourth Commandment and put her up with another parent of dubious qualifications who also managed her lawsuit to get said parents to pay her way. The lawsuit ended shortly after it began with Rachel Canning returning home.

Much like Mitt Romney, the adults in the situation turned out to be right. Rachel Canning filed a complaint against her boyfriend for trying to choke her. Her parents are trying not to claim “I told you so” in the media or anything, but it seems like parents might know something after all. Except for moron attorney John Inglesino.

Inglesino has a number of red flags in his history, among being politically motivated and letting his kids run wild. Ultimately, I blame him for enabling Rachel Canning by boarding her and legally representing her. In the real world, dumb actions have consequences. Luckily, Rachel’s stupidity did not get her hurt or dead.

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No-Fly Zone

July 23, 2014

An air war is starting considering the plane brought down last week over Ukraine. Now, the US is supporting a suspension / boycott of flights to Israel. Air space is becoming more dangerous with the possibility of long-range RPG type weapons, antonymous drones and the lack of a US-led world community to stop it.

If large swaths of the planet are unsafe for air travel, the world could be split into civilization on one side and an unending hellhole on the other. This might be something of an exaggeration, but there are no rules when this president fails to keep order.

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Federal Limits

July 22, 2014
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I think that while the Supreme Court is perilously close to a majority in love with federal power, the current configuration is reasonably interested in individual rights. The Roberts Court is taking more of a piecemeal approach to ruling on government overreach. It is unfortunate when this administration is defying precedent every day. Still, the Court and Roberts especially, are making the voters live with their actions in a broad sense while trying to maintain the Constitution.

The original Obamacare decision was a tough pill to swallow. When Roberts sided with a majority, (made up of Democrat appointees and an Obama administration lawyer) he was accused of having epileptic brain damage or being blackmailed as a secret homosexual. SCOTUS made three important decisions that day. Obamacare had a tax portion, regardless of the administration calling it a fine. The federal government could not force Medicaid expansion in states who refused it. Finally, Obamacare was not going to be re-written. If the American people didn’t like it, they could vote Obama out. If the House didn’t like it, they could deny funding to it. This was no longer an activist court.

As Obamacare continues to suck, the courts will have to continue to step in. Much of this is due to arbitrary decisions made by the administration and not the ACA law itself. The law is actually overly broad to the point of having little for a court to adjudicate. The Hobby Lobby decision was based on the HHS Secretary violating federal law to impose her vision. It was not in Obamacare. The same goes for subsidies for exchanges in non-participating states.

The White House did not expect that states (about 2/3) might refuse to set up health insurance exchanges and give up “free” Medicaid expansion money. The problem with the money, of course, was that the state would be paying a lot more in exchange for the funds because they would have to cover everyone on Medicaid for everything. The feds then spent over half a billion dollars to set up a website for the 36 states who would not create exchanges. To encourage sign ups, they created subsidies that mimicked the ones in participating states. The problem is that this was not written into Obamacare and was therefore not legal.

Today, the DC Court of Appeals (not exactly a conservative hotbed) ruled that the federal government could not just create a new budget item to achieve their goal of paying for everyone’s insurance with debt without law to pass it up. Suspiciously, another Circuit Court voted the other way, deciding that the law was “ambiguous” because it did not specifically state that the feds could not break the law as they saw fit. This pretty much puts it in SCOTUS hands.

If Roberts is truly trying to follow the letter of the law and not being deferential to the administration, I expect Obamacare to go down hard. The end of federal subsidies will increase people’s insurance costs over 1000% in some cases.

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