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A Step Too Far | June 30, 2014

Probably, the most important aspect of today’s Supreme Court decisions is how limited in scope they are. SCOTUS has a lot of discretion in the cases it takes. The Justices can choose which cases to hear, which parts to revert to the lower courts and how the law applies. The Roberts court seems to shy away from activism today, only striking down specific law.

The Harris decision about forced union membership of family members paid by the state as health care workers only decided that they are not required to join a union of pay union dues. Anyone who takes a private or public sector job can still be subject to union payments based on the state and the type of work. The SEIU and the state went a little too far in arranging a deal where people who are being paid to be with the family member they are helping had to have that pay cut for benefits that could not apply to them anyway.

Hobby Lobby won their case, but the SOCTUS decision applies to a small segment of businesses. Companies that are closely held will be legally allowed a corporate identity that gives them the right to make decisions of conscience. A closely held corporation is one with a limited stock ownership, where a small group or family owns the shares and the stock is not sold on the open market. HHS went to great lengths to make every company conform, regardless of the fact that they classify abortion pills as birth control.

This term, the Court has basically drawn a line where the administration cannot power grab any further. I suspect that more lawsuits will continue to go against the White House. The choice is theirs whether to compromise or be struck down by the Supreme Court. I suspect they won’t learn their lesson.


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  1. I suspect they won’t learn their lesson.

    Bullies and dictators never do.

    Comment by Mary — June 30, 2014 @ 10:42 pm

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