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Moral Advantage | June 26, 2014

There is a time coming where the Republican Party will have to deal with a libertarian wing that eschews social values, a conservative base that got them into the platform in the first place and some of the younger, powerful GOP decision makers who are ashamed of religious values.

One of the sub rosa factors in the NY-22 was the effect of American Unity PAC. This GOP PAC chose Hanna over Tenney because of Hanna’s support for liberal social values like abortion and gay marriage. They did not, however, criticize Tenney for her pro-family stance. Instead, they claimed she was against cutting taxes and funding cops because she voted no on an omnibus spending bill. They spent around one million dollars calling the conservative liberal because she wasn’t liberal enough for them and most New York politicians supported that.

The people who put Republicans in local offices are more Duck Dynasty than Real Housewives. The fact that some of the former were able to make inroads in 2010 kept them with the Republican Party in 2014. The GOP is now pulling out all the stops to make sure this can’t happen almost anywhere else, to the point of courting Democrats and pro-abortion money.

The Republican Party will not survive without family values. The only reason Reagan was able to sweep the 1980 election is because Carter ran as a religious man and governed as a hippie. The moral majority is gone, but the moral plurality is poised to find a new home. The Democratic Party isn’t it. If it’s not the Republican Party either, there’s going to be a third party and a husk of what was left of Republicans.


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  1. I believe millons s and millions of Americans, disgusted by the power-mad, anti-American obamacrats and the RINO congressmen, would welcome a third party. BUT, who will pay for it? We’re talking billions. Donald Trump and Steve Wynn together couldn’t float a tenth of it.

    Comment by Mary — June 26, 2014 @ 11:57 pm

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