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Organization | June 24, 2014

Four years ago, I was worried about the possibility of Tea Party candidates forcing three-way races where the Democrat would sneak in with 35% of the vote. This never really happened. In some cases, sore losers like Lisa Murkowski ran but didn’t change the party affiliation of a Senate seat. The Tea Party are better Republicans than many Republicans. They abide by the results of primaries and don’t try to sabotage their opponents in the general election.

The flaw in the “Tea Party” is that there is a lack of organization. The Mississippi race has the most media attention, but the highest hurdle. The runoff process lets everyone vote and Democratic Party voters will but incumbent Cochran over the top. Since no Democrat was running, the party apparently chose to cut their losses and pick the more moderate Republican. While this was a loss, a Republican still won.

There’s also NY-22. In this case, Claudia Tenney faced a mountain of campaign money from the Hanna campaign. Hanna also had the endorsement of big businesses in the are and entrenched politicians. Still, Tenney got with hundreds of voted of beating him. This election was off the RADAR of Tea Party groups until the last few days of the primary election. The deluge of ads calling her a tax raiser (for not voting yes on a bloated NY state budget with a few earmarked tax breaks) put her behind. The last-minute GOTV efforts by Hanna using outside money may have secured his victory.

The Tea Party will get other wins, but many of them are almost by accident, like with David Brat in Virginia. The national and local groups had no real idea what the IRS was doing to them or they were unable to make anyone else aware of it. They wait for Sarah Palin or Rick Santorum to make endorsements instead of doing the research. Luckily, the Tea Party platform is enough to overcome some of this. If they don’t get organized, however, it won’t be enough.


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  1. Thassnk for the informative post, 15. You addre my main questions about the place of the Tea Party in Nov, and perhaps thereafter.

    Comment by Mary — June 24, 2014 @ 11:31 pm

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