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You Had Your Chance | April 17, 2014

Cliven Bundy is facing down the government the way many people in intrinsically weak positions do. He’s ready to go to war. His dispute is over the fact that the federal government has decided to take state land and call it theirs. Bundy will only recognize state government when it comes to his land. The feds took his cattle but eventually had to return it. They did not have the stomach to go to war.

This is a tactic employed successfully by the Obama White House. Today, they claimed 8 million sign-ups for Obamacare, a whopping 30% of them under 35. It’s cooking the books, something business does a lot when they need to make positive announcements before they revise them down later. Insurance companies still have to set rates, and if most of those under 35 who signed up, did so for Medicaid, those rates are going to be much higher.

The administration has no shame and is willing to go to war with Republicans. War gets them donations and reduces the desire of their base to think critically about the administration. Holder can’t be fired or impeached, so he stays on. The Senate is controlled by Democrats, so nominees will continue to be rubber stamped. In a system where one branch is in total control, another has been unwilling to overturn bad law and the third only has one of two houses in opposition to the executive branch, there are few options.

The last option for the GOP to do anything was the budget. They thought they “won” the battle because Obamacare failures eclipsed a 17 day budget standoff. It’s been over 117 days now and Obamacare took insurance from one group and made an equally sized group sign up for theirs. The IRS and Benghazi are as unresolved as ever. Now Joe Biden is taking selfies with President Selfie. The didn’t starve the beast and the beast is biting them in the ass.

This is what I feel instead of outrage toward Obama now.


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  1. The walking deatshead Carville said on O’Reilly todayb that if the Repubs don’t win in 2016, the GOP will disappear. What think you, 15?w

    Comment by Mary — April 17, 2014 @ 11:24 pm

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