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Short Term | March 14, 2014

The special election victory in Florida of a Republican who was outspent 3 to 1 may be a sign of an upcoming sweep in the House elections in November. Long-term prospects for Republicans are actually pretty good. Major gains were made at state levels in 2010 that have not been reversed. This reduces the available candidates for Democrat party seats in Congress in the future.

The problem is in the short-term. Republicans could hold 300 seats in the House and it won’t change anything unless they are all willing to block a budget. There are about a half-dozen Senate turnovers necessary to swing the balance to the Republicans. While they can still be filibustered, they will have a new-found moral authority to argue that a majority of votes in the House and the Senate mean something. Plus, Obama won’t get any more of his communist friends into federal office.


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  1. Welome back, 15!i

    victory in Florida of a Republican who was outspent 3 to 1

    When I first heard this good news, the spending ratio also struck me as the salient point.

    Now let’s hope the Repub Old Boyz don’t shoot themselves in the foot. I hope they understand that obama is passé.


    Comment by Mary — March 14, 2014 @ 10:33 pm

    • P.S.
      Thanks, 15. You taught me to pay attention to such details as spendifnng ratios of opposing candidates.

      Comment by Mary — March 17, 2014 @ 12:01 am

  2. Sheesh, even a whisper of change will encourage me. These are dark times we’re living in.

    Comment by insanitybytes22 — March 15, 2014 @ 2:37 pm

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