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Enabling | March 5, 2014

One of the more popular stories this week is of 18-year-old Rachel Canning. She is a New Jersey high school senior who is not living with her parents, but wants the state to see her as a dependent. Her family is financially capable of paying for college tuition and expenses, not to mention the unpaid balance of her Catholic School tuition. She sued to block the automatic emancipation possible by these actions and get her parents to bankroll her next 4 years.

In a number of news stories she is referred to as an Honor student. She has also been in trouble at school recently. Her parents claim that Rachel refuses to stop seeing her bad influence of a boyfriend. She claims that she was merely kicked out because she was 18 and they didn’t like her behavior. All of this is complicated by a school that arranged for her to be put up with another family and is letting her slide on the tuition bill.

Enabling is when a person acts out in bad ways, often related to drugs, and their friends and family help them to cope and get by. In an intervention, the person is encouraged to break that cycle of behavior. If not, their loved ones are encouraged to cut any contact that enables them to continue in their ways. One of the questions in this case is how much letting Rachel back in the house would be enabling her bad behavior.

This is also important in a larger sense. How much has the government enabled people to exist, but not progress under the idea of helping them? How much should good men stand back and do nothing for evil to triumph? Does caring mean paying people off or trying to help them better themselves? Money is easy. Caring is hard.


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  1. Money is easy. Caring is hard.

    You are a young man with a wise head, 15.
    A buck says it’ sex and drugs for yon Rachel.

    Comment by Mary — March 6, 2014 @ 1:22 am

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