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The Chicken or the Egg | March 2, 2014

Conservatives had a lot of fun throwing back liberal mockery about possible Russian aggression in their faces. While Barack Obama was telling Russian representatives to cool off until the election was over, Mitt Romney in 2012 was warning about the possibility of an energized Putin threat. Sarah Palin even suggested that under an Obama administration, Russia would be emboldened to invade the Ukraine. Sarah Palin’s Facebook “I told you so” was met, predictably, with mocking insults. Obama is right when he’s wrong and Palin is wrong even when she’s right.

When stories are told about the press under a totalitarian regime, it is usually of a highly moral group who is threatened or replaced by puppets at the slightest sign of disagreement. The truth may be less heroic. The media are made up of people. Those people are a community of sorts and often have similar views. There have been times in history where those who report the news of the day see themselves as champions of something other than the truth.

I never really went in for the meme that the media hated Clinton and love Obama. I am starting to think, however that the media liked Clinton as a personality. They seem to revere Barack Obama as a sort of prophet. Fox News may criticize Obama, but he really is the only game in town. The Democrats in the Senate do nothing to challenge him. The Republicans rarely fight him. Whether Obama gets something done is really the only political metric.

At the same time, the media has decided that Obama is right. He is right about everything. His only errors are in not adequately dealing with the voters whom the media consider stupid and bigoted. When he does nothing, like in Ukraine, it is somehow the prudent strategy. When he does everything, like changing every part of the way people can get health insurance, it was an impending doom.

Does the media follow the dictator or does a compliant media create one? Sadly, we get to see a live demonstration of the latter.


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  1. The media is certainly the Frankenstein who created the obama monster. The only question is, “Who put6 them up to it?”

    Comment by Mary — March 2, 2014 @ 10:57 pm

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