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Six Words | November 10, 2013

Doctor Who is a program that started 50 years ago on the BBC as a children’s show about history. Over the next two decades, it evolved into a low-budget science fiction serial that developed a following among Americans whose PBS stations decided to air it. It was eventually ended by executives who thought Doctor Who could not compete with higher budget American imports.

The show was revived over 15 years later when the BBC had its own US cable channel and CGI made special effects more economical. As a character, the Doctor is a reckless adventurer, but with an expansive knowledge of the entire universe and an intelligence that exceeds the power and magnitude of any military force.

At the beginning for the second season of the “new” Doctor Who, he was threatened by the British Prime Minister. After a diatribe about the war mongering nature of earth, the PM suggested to the Doctor that he could also be considered an enemy of Earth. This clip is about the six words he used to take down the leader of a country.

Here’s the point. Obama’s supplicants in the media are now in the bargaining stage of the administration. Obama may be a lousy president, but maybe it’s something that can be fixed. Some are just not sure why he can’t get anything done. Most of the editorials seem to boil down to “Don’t you think he looks tired?”

The only difference between Obama and your run-of-the-mill Carter / Clinton Democratic president is that Obama was dumb enough to pass health care that would decimate his party, with the support of that same party. He’s worse at foreign policy and he spends as much as he can on cronies, but this president has been able to do nothing but get a few stupid concessions through regarding taxes and spending. They’re not trivial, but they aren’t the problem.

My worry is not about how irrecoverable the changes are, but how willing the country is to “turn back the clock” to sanity even if it costs a few bucks. Then again, if Doctor Who is any indication, people love nostalgia.


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  1. I could take out obama with just 3 words–or at least tell him off.

    Comment by Mary — November 10, 2013 @ 10:08 pm

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