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The McDonalds Paradox | August 8, 2013

Not surprisingly, the minimum wage in this country was a creation of the father of American socialism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was 25 cents and hour. Whatever the stated purpose, a minimum wage shored up the money gong into the newly created Social Security system, which started off by paying money to people who put little in and taking money from employees who just got that minimum wage.

Fans of socialism often claim the United States does not have any socialist practices because socialism is defined as the government owning the means of production. However, government controls all of the means of the production by laws and regulation. The government has the power to punitively tax or shut down those businesses not in compliance with their demands. The first demand was a minimum wage regardless of the actual value of a man’s labor. That wage is now dwarfed by things like Social Security contributions, OSHA requirements, and corporate accountability. Some may be good, but a lot is questionable.

Obama’s economy is objectively terrible. Any “good” news is compared to 2008, which Obama used as a benchmark of the worst time in history. Things have been worse under Obama for longer than any time under Bush. Obamacare is making that worse, and the “good-paying job” is becoming an illusion. The answer seems to be forcing the bad paying jobs to pay the same as a good paying job.

The first tactic is to soften people up with sob stories. This is where someone working in a factory, likely closed months after Obama visited it, loses their job at $20 an hour and ends up making $8 an hour at McDonalds. Do they work hard at McDonalds? Maybe. Do they use their skills at their manufacturing job in fast food now? Probably not. Can any kid off the street do that job? Certainly. Having a family to support is not a good reason to make more money. That was the whole point of “equal pay,” so that a 25-year-old woman out of college could be paid as much as a 50-year-old man with a wife and three kids.

The next tactic is to “this will only hurt a little” economics. Restaurants are lucky if they have a 3% profit margin after all their expenses. Still, the Daily Beast, a company which produces nothing of value (such as on-demand food) created a calculator pushing you to pay enough for a Big Mac to get some teenage kid out of “poverty.” The math has been debunked in the calculator. What’s worse is that sandwiches are practically a loss leader, items where the ingredients have to be bought, packaged, distributed, prepared and assembled into a burger. They make less on a burger than fires or sodas. A Big Mac that costs 10 cents more becomes a GM car, something that costs more to manufacture than its selling price.

The third tactic would likely be to give up on convincing the public and regulating it into existence. Then we’ll see fewer value meal purchases, lower profits and more layoffs. At least adults won’t have to be embarrassed by working for McDonalds then and can collect 2 years of unemployment as God intended.


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  1. The answer seems to be forcing the bad paying jobs to pay the same as a good paying job.

    aka, redstribution of wealth, and another facet of the pc cancer.


    The bottom line, of course, will be the end of McDonalds, et al. Then Walmart will be the target, it having been the real libtard target all along, anyway.

    Comment by Mary — August 8, 2013 @ 10:20 pm

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