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Super Size Lies | July 27, 2013

Morgan Spurlock, star of “Super Size Me” and a less initially repugnant figure than Michael Moore, has made it to CNN with a series called “Inside Man.” This is not much of a surprise givent hat CNN now gives weekend programming to cooks and comedians. Spurlock is a One Hat trick pony, making this show his third incarnation of inserting himself into situations to control the narrative.

“Super Size Me” was filmed in a documentary style with the somewhat obvious moral that if you eat McDonald’s food every day for a month, chose the highest calorie items and accepted offer to “super size” that mean every time you were asked, you could gain weight and increase your cholesterol. Even given that low bar for success, there were questions as to how much Spurlock ate, which items he chose after he chose at least every item once, how much he reduced his previous activity to match the “average American” and if his so-called vegan diet actually detoxed him at the end.

Any number of detractors appeared, including the movie “Fat Head” where the filmmaker lost weight by avoiding large sodas and skipping some of the buns. Spurlock’s movie used a hallmark of liberal activism, inconsistent logic. He used the “super size” option (which McDonald’s eventually dropped) as an opening to explain that Americans are fat because McDonald’s has more than one size option, offers breakfast sandwiches and feeds fat Americans who don’t exercise. The problem is that the “average” American does not eat three meals a day at McDonalds. It’s probably more like 0.3 meals.

Since few people watched the FX series “30 Days” I’ll skip to its clone, CNN’s “Inside Man.” In the series, Spurlock inserts himself into some real-world activity for about 30 hours this time and expounds on some political issue while doing it. Immigration, which is a retread from “30 Days,” finds Spurlock working for a day picking oranges with non-white Hispanics to show us all how hard it is to do manual labor. This and tales of labor shortages under Alabama’s tough immigration laws are used to explain that we can’t live without illegal labor.

There’s more inconsistent logic. The fallacy is that immigrants will do the work Americans won’t do. The reality is that Americans expect more pay for the kind of hard labor required in many illegal jobs. Also, these are jobs Americans shouldn’t do, along with anyone else. The jobs are physically damaging, often dangerous and the illegal and recent immigrants doing them often pay a price if they don’t get out of that line of work. White people in the United States didn’t pick cotton, slaves did. When they became citizens, machines took over much of the job. For all the whining about $10 heads of lettuce to come, a country without wage slaves would produce thousands of jobs for manufacturers of lettuce extractors.

Living your life with eyes open is a learned skill. Once you learn it, it gets easier and easier to see the world for what it is, no matter what lies the camera tries to tell me.


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  1. Great post–MacDonalds and illegal aliens? this fool spells OBOT without his camera–but I got the wole picture when you alluded to Michael Moore, every girl’s nghtmare blind date.

    Amazing how they all love obma and libtardism.

    Comment by Mary — July 27, 2013 @ 11:25 pm

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