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Like Herding Cats | January 24, 2013

When penicillin and other drugs in a class called antibiotics were discovered, medical experts at the time thought that their amazing ability to wipe out bacterial infection was a new era in treating disease. It was a highly effective cure that would make communicable diseases a thing of the past. Antibiotics were a thing that could do only good for the human population.

Then we found out that nature always finds a way. While antibiotics killed enough of a disease to render it ineffective in a person, there were a few bacteria that were just a little bit different enough to not be affected by the drugs. Those small resistance cells communicated themselves to the outside world. Eventually, the process of natural selection gave them large enough numbers to really wreak havoc. Antibiotics became less of a wonder drug and more of a “wonder if it will work” drug. Doctors had to become social scientists, figuring out how herd immunity would affect the population and that giving everyone and antibiotic, whether they had a virus or an allergy or a treatable infection, became important.

Antibiotics are now a weapon, but not a nuclear option. Penicillin is an old school drug, only used in desperate circumstances because its power is the fact that it is so useless that penicillin-resistant bacteria isn’t as big a part of a bacteria strain anymore. Doctors are better about using them sparingly, but any doctor with a prescription pad can give out as much as he wants based on patient demands or personal preference.

We can actually compare a drug whose sole purpose is for good with guns, whose sole purpose is to put holes in things. Anti-gun nuts are openly preaching incrementalism. Even the current confiscatory legislation proposed by gun dunce Dianne Feinstein would not have prevented a Sandy Hook, but it would move forward the liberal agenda of less guns making them better off. While gun control laws can only apply to those who obey the law or are caught by law enforcement, the shrinking of the Second Amendment is seen by them as a way of thinning out the herd of guns and gun owners in this country.

Larry Correia made an important point about the hundreds of millions of guns in this country. They are mechanical devices that have changed little over centuries and have no expiration date if maintained well. Places like New York are trying to make gun restrictions so severe that anyone with anything but a six-shooter will be a criminal. This law won’t force all legal gun owners into compliance, it will only make many of them de facto criminals like the stupid NY tax law where people are required to pay taxes on internet purchases. If owning a gun becomes criminal, only criminals will have guns. Worse yet, a new group of criminals by dissent will be created.

Every doctor has been made acutely aware that the overuse of antibiotics is bad for everyone. We all have a collective stake in this, as Obama might say. Still, some doctors make decisions for expediency or greed. A gun is the opposite of a wonder drug. The herd will follow along, but the criminal element will see a population that is defenseless and a gun as a prized commodity in short supply. I don’t know of one country on earth that has eliminated gun crime with even the strongest gun elimination laws. Human nature will find a way.


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  1. less of a wonder drug and more of a “wonder if it will work”
    Great word play.
    “Liberals” are, in fact, rigid and narrow-minded control freaks, arrogant know-it-alls who know nothing.
    Betwen your state’s Cuomo and my state’s Feinstein, the Constitution is being squeezed to death between coasts– no surprise with obama–The Lawless One of
    2 Thessalonians–setting the tone.

    Comment by Mary — January 25, 2013 @ 2:24 am

    • What’s really fightening is that the Libtards want a dictator ruling us. Their impulse toward unfreedom is pathological.

      Comment by Mary — January 25, 2013 @ 2:27 am

      • When France was ruled by a monarchy, he was only greedy and capricious. When the king was killed, it was ruled through terror and death by a group of ideologues who thought they were morally superior. God, save us from the people who want centralized control.

        Comment by 1539days — January 25, 2013 @ 6:59 am

  2. Amen, Brother 15.

    Comment by Mary — January 25, 2013 @ 10:39 pm

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