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This is What Gave Us John Edwards | December 23, 2012

Medicare is expensive. In fact, it is extremely expensive. There are items in the federal budget like Doc Fix that aren’t even part of the Medicare budget. The good news is that the program is for people over 65, and people are living longer than ever. The bad news is that the demand for medical care is going up and the supply of practitioners is going down. The fact is that there is a direct relationship between money and lives.

Using the semi-reliable Wikipedia, there have been 16 school shootings involving guns in the last 85 years with 182 fatalities. This is an inexact figure, because the standard of a school shooting may include more than 5 fatalities, but it is an indication of scale. Of 100,000 public grade schools in the country, the chances of any one school being the target of a shooting in a year are two in a million. With a total student population of more than 50,000,000 the chances of a grade school student dying by a gun-wielding killer (at school) is one in 30 million. The odds of being struck by lighting in a year are 1 in 700,000.

Looking at the expense side, any nation-wide measure would cost $100,000 for every dollar spent. The NRA proposal of a police officer at every school would cost something like $50,000 (and that’s the low end, considering salary, benefits and resources) per school or 5 billion dollars. Even the “gun-free zone” signs probably cost millions of dollars to put up. Assuming those officers stopped every one of those murders, (it didn’t at Columbine) it would cost approximately 3 billion dollars for every life saved.

Death is a fact of life. One of the easiest ways to deny that is by magnifying statistically insignificant events and then making stupid claims that no price is too high. This is where John Edwards came in. Edwards made his money by suing Obstetricians on behalf of parents (then taking almost half) whose deliveries resulted in injury or death. A jury of regular people has a hard time believing that babies die, and they are willing to believe that a doctor messed up when evidence is presented. In reality, doctors are not machines and improper processes are not necessary deadly ones.

The cheapest solution would be to allow concealed carry by registered gun-owning adults who work in schools. They would have their own guns and would only pay the cost of a holster. A handful of teachers basically put themselves in front of a gun to stop or slow down the Sandy Hook massacre. I would trust every single one of them to have a 9mm on them.


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  1. The cheapest solution would be to allow concealed carry

    It was beyond horrifying, with pathetic thrown in because the majority of vctims were children.

    Now back to a snse of perspective. The gun-contrOl uproar is waaaaay out of proportion to damage done or, as your stats show, likely future damage. So if the current hysteria isn’t about reality, I re-offer my contention that it’s about disarming us.

    And, at the risk of being called paranoic, I’ll say that obama’s owners have stables-full of crazies whom they’re waiting to turn loose in order to strengthen their position and win the day. Dead children? Collateral damage,

    Comment by Mary — December 23, 2012 @ 10:09 pm

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