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Day 1368 – Social Proof | August 3, 2012

Stories have come out lately about the possibility of a preference cascade in the 2012 election. A good example of this is the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Swindlers convince a ruler that his nonexistent clothing is really a splendid garment that appears invisible to anyone feeble of mind. The emperor, his regents and his subjects accept this is true and hide the fact that they can’t see any clothes. A small child, however, does not understand the social implications of being the odd person out and announces that the emperor isn’t wearing anything. What happens next is a preference cascade, where crowd realizes that no one sees these invisible clothes. But what happens before the preference cascade?

1200 days ago, I wrote about how Obama used psychology to manipulate the masses to think voting for him was a good thing. I compared it to the pick-up artist community of guys who spend far too much time trying to figure out the best manipulations to pick up women. They have a term for the trigger for mass delusions called social proof. The idea is having a wingman or being with a group of cool friends (especially female friends) provides proof by social interaction that a man is capable of forming friendships with people who are also capable of forming friendships with people. Of course, Obama is actually very bad at forming relationships due to his massive narcissism. His friends are celebrities and other notable people who are attracted to power but can fake relationships with people. The media also plays a role by projecting Obama in this light of social proof.

If the Obama campaign is the pick-up artist, the Romney campaign is the AMOG. The alpha male of the group is the guy who manages the undercut the pick-up artist. He has the most social proof by being superior in the situation. The Obama campaign is manipulating the voters. Romney’s people are manipulating Obama’s campaign staff. Did they managed to game the Obama campaign into the biggest blunder of the year? I don’t know, but they are using Obama’s 2008 social proof against him.


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  1. If the Obama campaign is the pick-up artist, the Romney campaign is the AMOG.

    Maybe the most humorous analogy of all time–though that doesn’t detract from its validity.

    Comment by Mary — August 3, 2012 @ 9:48 pm

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