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Day 1332 – The Rise of Taxula | June 28, 2012

In October of 2008, a woman had pumpkin carvings of the presidential candidates on Fox News. I thought the Obama Jackass-O-Lantern looked like a vampire. I dubbed him “Taxula” and made it my avatar. Since the election, Obama has been slick about the application of taxes by calling them something else, deficit spending as if he raised taxes and creating a “mandate” that he swore wasn’t a tax.

How do I feel about the Obamacare verdict? I don’t like it. If you have a chance to take Dracula down, you put a stake in his heart, decapitate him and bun him with fire. Then you take the ashes to all the corners of the earth. Even though some of the overreach has been slapped back, the heart of the bill remains. It has now gone from being an unstoppable leviathan to merely hard to kill.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote a confused opinion that took the dual stance that the Commerce Clause could not be used to fund Obamacare, but that the minor argument that the “mandate” is really a tax was enough to let the law stand, a compound logic not shared by any other member of the court. I have read speculation that either someone “got to” Roberts or that Roberts is a secret genius who created an inescapable trap that will lose the election for the tax raiser in chief. This is why I hate conspiracy theories. Each theory is as plausibly crazy as the other, so I reject both.

The problem with picking a nominee with no paper trail is that they can turn on you. This happens often with Republican nominees, since the law seems to be a favorite profession of liberals. On the plus side, it leaves the court out of the process entirely. Obama would be branding the court as activist and stressing the need for balance. Forget that. Now Romney can argue that neither Roberts nor Kennedy are reliable votes and that a 3/4/2 split of conservatives / liberals / weenies demands balance. Plus, if the Tea Party were lukewarm on Romney 24 hours ago, he’s just become Scott Brown, the 2010 model.

Also, now that the “mandate” is an ordinary tax, it is vulnerable to House legislation. Obamacare is also subject to other lawsuits having to do with the unconstitutionality of a tax levied outside of the House, the levies placed on 30 states who have rejected Obamacare, and the validity of a Swiss Cheese bill that is not allowed severability. It’s actually a lot like Bush v. Gore. SCOTUS decided the people who are supposed to make the decisions still have to make them. The Congress has to rewrite it and the people have to vote for the people to repeal it.

Despite the opinions of dishonest detractors, Obamacare is not Romneycare. For one thing, they have an individual mandate. For another, states have to balance a budget. Plus, there are no exchanges. The state exchanges in Obamacare are the things that scare the hell out of me. With the unlimited power of debt, the federal government can low-ball health insurance until insurance companies are out of business. All the fans of socialized medicine probably love that idea. Funny how it had to be snuck in and lied about to get America’s acceptance.

Obama is a tax and spend liberal. He’s taxing everyone and they have to prove they have health care. He spent trillions to do it and he is liberal with the power of his office. It’s the end of the beginning, but it is the beginning of the end?


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  1. Best analysis I’ve read all day, thanks for clearing my head 😀

    Comment by DeniseVB — June 28, 2012 @ 6:36 pm

  2. I had to stew on it at work until I got home. My instant analysis was more like “Hulk..smash..Roberts.”

    Comment by 1539days — June 28, 2012 @ 6:43 pm

  3. July 11, vote slated in the house to repeal the whole enchilada. It will be done. They never thought Ericwitholder would ever be charged either.

    Comment by mcnorman — June 28, 2012 @ 7:44 pm

  4. Roberts (what an a$$hole). I’m really mad. He did punt the ball back to the other aSSholes in Congress. They did it and they have to take it back. America is pissed. They only tossed salt on the wounds.

    Comment by mcnorman — June 28, 2012 @ 7:45 pm

  5. Roberts is a secret genius who created an inescapable trap that will lose the election for the tax raiser in chief.

    Or, Roberts is a tool wh gave candidate obama the Supreme Court’s seal of approval.

    Comment by Mary — June 28, 2012 @ 11:17 pm

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