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Day 1330 – How Can 59 Million People Be So Dumb? | June 26, 2012

After the Election of 2004, the Daily Mirror published this insulting cover about the results. Remember, this was 2004. Hurricane Katrina had not happened yet. The economy was in recovery. The War in Iraq was only a little over a year old and John Kerry was Bush’s opponent. There were any number of reasons for an American to vote for Bush. But the global media didn’t like him and that was enough to make everyone else stupid.

I didn’t see any covers questioning the intelligence of 69 million people in 2008. As bad as the economy was at the end of Bush’s term, every year of Obama’s term so far has been worse. Obama was nominated for a peace prize before he took the oath of office then proceeded to kill more foreign civilians than anyone on the Nobel Committee could imagine. Then again, conservatives don’t worry about calling the general population stupid.

Besides the infamous cover, there are any number of ways for liberals to attack Middle America, or Republican voting America. There’s the dupe theory, where Fox News is manipulating dumb people who would otherwise be camping out at Occupy rallies were it not for the Koch brothers or any other millionaire who doesn’t support Obama. In fact, in the case of Bain Capital, you may be attacked even if you do donate to Obama. Peter Orzag (married to an ABC show host, of course) suggested that people needed to be shamed into voting by publishing their names if they don’t show up on a voter roll. I think Wisconsin union groups tried that tactic to amazing (amazingly bad) results.

Even though there is a massive multi-headed liberal media out there, conservatives don’t think voters are dumb. They think voters are being denied information entirely. If you watched certain networks, you never heard of ACORN until the day Congress withdrew funding. Ironically, some had more coverage of the ACORN stings when James O’Keefe was arrested during another video filming than when he released the ACORN videos. A year of Fast and Furious barely hit the airwaves until Executive Privilege was cited, and then it was downplayed to a pointless investigation by Congress.

No, the American people probably voted for Obama because people were tired of George Bush, McCain was just plain tired and too many “conservative” pundits got on the Obama bandwagon. The right doesn’t lionize our elites. We don’t take one of the most epic failures from 2004 and make them head of the party, like Democrats did with Howard Dean. He marinated the Democratic Party with money and delivered Barack Obama unto them. It doesn’t take a village. Sometimes it just takes a village idiot.


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  1. My comment at McN’s Weblog today:

    Did we all note that within a few days obama first flipped off the Congress, and then the Supreme Court/ Can there be any doubt that he has now declared hi sDICTATORSHIP?

    He has never behaved like a man who is afragd of losing re-election. If he were worried, he never would have taken on the Catholic Church, for example.

    Within a year, the blessing that has ben America will be gone.

    Comment by Mary — June 26, 2012 @ 10:40 pm

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