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Day 1243 – No Time for a Flowchart

March 31, 2012

Looking at Obamacare in the Supreme Court, many liberals are now trying to argue issues of process. In short, the Supreme Court should only restrict people’s rights, such as in Citizens’ United, where they argue that the wealthy shouldn’t have the right to spend their wealth on political issues. It should not, however, restrict stuff. If the government is “giving” people health care, then it’s Constitutional. Then again, it’s just providing customers to insurance companies.

Schoolhouse Rock is pretty accurate. A bill is proposed by the Congress or the President and each house votes. If the bill is changed in either house, it goes to a joint committee to rewrite it for both houses. Then each house votes for the compromise bill and the president can sign it or veto it.

But wait, there’s more! In the case of Obamacare, the Senate wrote a bill full of Senate pork with insurance company give aways and the House filled a bill with pork and tried to put in more socialism. Before a compromise could be hammered out, Scott Brown changed the balance of the Senate. Instead of writing a new bill, Democrats decided that the Senate bill was already passed and the House could pass it if they made no changes. So, by a slim majority, they passed the Senate bill and the president signed it.

Remember, there are three branches of government. Even though the Congress and the President should know better, they sometimes pass laws that are unconstitutional. The Supreme Court can eventually decide if a law is Constitutional if it passes through other federal courts. If it does not find the bill Constitutional, Congress has two choices. They can either write a different bill and pass it, or they can try to override the Court by making the law into an amendment to the Constitution. Once an Amendment is passed, it is the Constitution.

Of course, this will never happen. Had the Senate not passed Obamacare before Kennedy died, there would have been no way it would have gotten to the president. Since last year, the House would not pass such a bill either. In just two years, this bill went from passing by one vote as a temporary measure to little support by the public, no chance in Congress and up for judicial review.

Every Democratic Senate member up for election this year voted for Obamacare and they are in much danger in the polls because of it. Some were bullied into it and the Court is being bullied into keeping it. Someone has to stand up for the people and a process put in place to keep a few from dictating to the many. I know one group who did.

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