Days of Change

Day 1241 – A Drain On the System

March 29, 2012

The main Obamacare argument for the mandate is that people will continue to use emergency rooms for medical care without insurance and generally cost more money. This is an aspect of laws that prohibit hospitals with public funds to refuse necessary medical treatment. Those laws have ironically been used by Republicans to argue against the expansion of the insurance industry as a mandated expense.

This actually puts the lie to Democrats’ position that there is so much money to be gained by preventative care. Preventative care is a smart idea, but it costs money. Doctors recommend regular checkups and multiple tests because they believe in medicine. Even if it’s “covered,” there are still co-pays. Plus, doctors have a tendency to find something wrong if given the chance.

Insurance companies know that a hundred people getting a full slate of tests costs a lot more than one out of 100 people’s treatment for something not caught early. It’s just a sad fact of life. It would be nice if the most cautious solution were the cheapest one, but it’s not really the case.

The only argument for socialized medicine is socialism. People who are using the system are a drain on it, and they’re the reason health care is expensive. That and other lies are why Obamacare is doomed. People in Emergency Rooms had the frugal sense to not go to a doctor for years sometimes. They may be worse off physically, but it may not be possible financially. Even though ERs must treat the uninsured, they can still stick them with bills far in excess of what any insurance company or Medicare would reimburse.

If we’re all in it together, that’s fine. Let’s start with simple transparency. Everyone should get an itemized bill from their doctor. It should be the same amount that an uninsured person should be charged. Then they can get the “bill” with the insurance company discounts thrown in. While we’re at it, Every employee should get their paycheck with what they pay for insurance, the amount the company pays and the amount subsidized with government tax credits. Let’s see what everyone is really paying. Oh, and if the doctors want to add a line for what they have to pay in malpractice insurance, it’s fine with me.

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