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Day 1238 – Excellent | March 26, 2012

If Trevon Martin had a radio show, he would probably be the subject of a boycott.

The Daily Caller released a stockpile of Martin’s tweets from a Twitter handle I don’t feel comfortable writing here. The previously locked account was suddenly unlocked, in a replay of an Obama video suddenly being released by a former Politico contributor just before Big Government did. Besides copious misogyny, (Dave Weigel referred to it as “horndog bragging”) and homages to the gangsta lifestyle, there is the unrelenting use of a certain n-word that is an indicator of hatred toward African-Americans.

Those who took up the cause of justice (aka vengeance) for Trevon are livid at the revelations that were in reality facts that were already available. Trevon was a 17-year-old who was taller than George Zimmerman, not the 13-year-old in all the pictures released by the family. He sported a gold tooth and was suspended for possession of an empty bag of pot. While some tried to justify Martin “taking a swing” at Zimmerman, there is some evidence to show that Martin may have been punching and smashing Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk.

This is not to say Trevon Martin was in the wrong and deserved to be shot. It does indicate that George Zimmerman could have been an overzealous neighbor who followed Martin around and was sucker punched by Martin as he returned to his truck. This is why we have a criminal justice system instead of vigilante courts.

If I were more cynical, I’d be rubbing my hands and saying “excellent.” The two things any president should have said last week was to keep calm and not jump to conclusions. Obama said neither. He empathized with the family of the victim, but did avoid calling the cops dumb again. One thing that Democrats tend to do is let the liberal wing go too far. This happened during the infamous Wellstone memorial and among certain celebrities during the Kerry campaign. Obama achieved some amount of media control in 2008 and faced an opponent who never pushed back. John McCain truly is the anti-Breitbart.

Now there’s pushback. For every Rush Limbaugh, there are 10 dirtbag liberals using worse slang. Instead of a Sistah Soljah moment, Obama decides to take the side he was expected to take. If George Zimmerman is found not guilty, will it be justice? If it’s not, then we have a powder keg on our hands. I don’t have to hope Obama fails. I just hope this doesn’t get someone killed.

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  1. From where I sit, the whole thing is yet another obama race-baiting ploy to foment race-war, and another obama distraction from his no-accomplishment tenure. Even the take-out of bin Laden used a Bush plan.

    Comment by Mary — March 26, 2012 @ 11:27 pm

  2. Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States of America. He’s a scam. A fraud. His historical background, family roots aren’t even the same as real African Americans. Obama is such a poser. So is Hillary Clinton, as she tired to pull the false I’m a jew card for her last campaign. These people are so mentally ill. They should be put on a 5150 hold. Yet, they are in high places in our government. How ludicrous. Trevon Martin is yet another sad example of a black youth who had no regard for law, order or rules. He obviously was a pot head. He got kicked out of school. He didn’t care about the rules walking through a neighborhood either and was so angry about it he attacked Zimmerman. Here’s what probably happened: Martin started punching Zimmerman. Zimmerman was shocked. He was in fear for his life. He pulled a gun and probably warned Martin and then shot him when Martin still posed a threat to his life. one wrong punch or hit to sidewalk and Zimmerman could’ve died. He had a right to defend himself.

    Comment by carie — March 30, 2012 @ 1:28 am

  3. carie @ #2

    There is much wisdom in your comment–and truth!,

    Comment by Mary — March 30, 2012 @ 10:51 pm

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