Days of Change

Day 1235 – Too Far

March 23, 2012

I’m not opposed to Rick Santorum as a candidate. He proved he could wait out the flash in the pan nature of the primary race to be the closest contender to Romney. He’s had to put up with being outspent and abused by the press for an essentially fictional sole focus on family values. It’s too bad it’s over.

When Romney does get the nomination, how does Santorum walk back saying that Obama is better than an Etch-a-Sketch candidate? He won’t be the nominee and now has no chance of being the vice presidential candidate either. Many Republicans may not like Romney, but he is far and away better than Obama.

While I’m at it, Ann Coulter needs to shut the hell up.  If she wants to be a fangirl for anti-coal NJ governor Chris Christie, that’s fine. If she wants to support Mitt Romney solely because Christie endorsed him, it’s her business. Does she really have to go one step further and trash Sarah Palin with some of the same media attacks that liberals use? So what if Palin talks about a brokered convention? There’s not going to be one, but a lot of conservatives like the idea. When Romney does get the nomination and Palin endorses him, it will mean that much more because she did not dismiss the base of the party out of hand. If Coulter thinks she needs to drag a candidate over the finish line on the backs of others, she should consider working for the Obama campaign.

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