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Day 1234 – Stand Your Ground

March 22, 2012
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George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. That’s what we know.

This tragedy is quickly turning from a law enforcement issue to the interpretation of motives. Zimmerman was questioned by police and released. The parents of Trayvon Martin were understandably outraged. From 911 calls, it looks like Zimmerman called police about a suspected prowler in the neighborhood and decided to shoot Martin when the police did not arrive in time. Despite his claims to be the head of a community watch, he had no authority to even detain someone and is most likely subject to any number of laws.

In the last few days, the function of a community watch have been discarded for a discussion of Zimmerman’s motives. Did he shoot Martin because he was black? It’s possible that a white teen would be regarded as a lesser threat than a white teen, but it hasn’t stopped there. Many have made the leap that Zimmerman had a hatred for black people and was predisposed to killing Martin because he was black. This kind of “hate” crime would put the federal government into the discussion and Eric Holder is already jumping on the bandwagon.

The search for justice for Trayvon Martin is quickly spinning into a series of liberal interests in the media. One is the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida, which gives citizens legal protections if the choose not to run from a criminal. This law is being argued as an easy way for whites to shoot blacks with no legal repercussions, something that has not been born out by facts. For one thing, Zimmerman is part Hispanic and possibly part black.

The people I would put in the wrong in the surrent climate are the race hustlers like Al Sharpton who are wrong more than they are right. The police could do a better job investigating, but Zimmerman was only released, not cleared of any charges. I would hope that the media attention would lead to answers, not a rush to judgement in finding the man guilty. Black or white, George Zimmerman had no reason to kill Trayvon Martin.

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