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Day 1233 – Romney’s World

March 21, 2012
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There are 2 good reasons why Sarah Palin was smart to not run for president. First, the proportional system the Republicans adopted this year left a lot of candidates with no idea how to campaign for the nomination. Second, the resulting extended campaign season means a lot of money has to be raised, something that Sarah Palin has not shown a great interest in while Mitt Romney is an expert at it.

I am a reluctant supporter of Romney. He is acceptable to a wide variety of Democrats who are disgruntled with President Obama. He is actually pulling in donors who would have otherwise contributed to Obama’s war chest. Even New Gingrich’s largest benefactor has pledged to support Romney when Newt drops out. Conservatives are starting to accept the idea, arguing that Ronald Reagan was a pretty liberal Democrat at one time who found the light. McCain supporters in 2008 may have liked how much less destructive he was than Romney, but they paid for it in McCain’s losing above-the-board campaign. That and the terrible duo of Schmidt and Wallace who stomped on any chance he had with Sarah Palin.

Most people are confident Romney is the nominee. There are now viral videos of him instead of Rick Perry. Right now, the attacks are subtle but still offensive (magic underwear in the following video).

The Obama campaign had a massive spending advantage, a willing media and an opposing campaign with a lousy staff and a candidate who fought harder to keep his Senate seat two years later. They may have a willing (but less powerful) media machine behind them, but they have less money and an opponent who plays dirty and has a campaign staff with as much experience as the Obama machine. Oh, and Obama’s approval went from 75% at the inauguration to under 50% today. So far, the opposition has a dog carrier and an Etch-a-Sketch.

It’s Romney’s world now.

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