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Day 1226 – Asymmetrical

March 14, 2012
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Anyone who read today (I recommend it) probably saw the story about Chris Rock knocking the camera out of a woman’s hands and threatening to “throw down” with author Jason Mattera over questions about Rock’s description of the Tea Party as crazy. I checked to see if the mainstream media picked up the story, since that would be the only way a response would come from Rock. The story got as far as the Hollywood Reporter and a claim by a representative to look into the tape.

I imagine that Andrew Breitbart had a similar experience at various times. When he worked for Drudge, the site was a curiosity. Then it became a right-wing site because the story it broke and the media hypocrisy it exposed was a story damaging to Clinton. Soon after, Drudge was considered a biased source and George Soros was creating media sites other networks often cite word for word (and generally uncredited to them). Stories that are negative toward Democrats and liberals fall into an editorial black hole. It’s the only way to explain why such potentially juicy stories are ignored for constant banality.

There is an asymmetrical influence of dependent ideology in media. In this case, dependent means anything from socialism to nanny states where trading freedom for order is a net positive. I would say that of course we need some government and that I’m talking about the excesses, but that’s another media trick. If you don’t know what I mean, you’re stupid. Stop wasting your time trying to read this. It leaves on feeling like those movies where we’re living in a sort of police state, but most people don’t know it, like in “They Live” or “The Running Man.” The only way to get the message out is to break into the communication system of the overlords.

People like Breitbart did just that. Whenever he was brought on to be attacked, he would come back on them harder. Joel Pollack did the same, because Soledad O’Brien thought the Derrick Bell story had no merit. She became a week’s worth of Breitbart stories, She even had to go on and on about Critical Race theory just to smooth things over. Newt Gingrich did the same at the top of his campaign. It was probably his peak. If you want to talk about dog whistles, conservatives know when someone is upsetting the status quo and they love it.


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