Days of Change

Day 1222 – Superstar

March 10, 2012

I’m no Andrew Breitbart, but I know my TV. Still, I needed my memory jogged about “Game Change” screenwriter Danny Strong. This piece mentioned that Strong had acted on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” That’s not necessarily a crime, but Strong’s character should have been. He played Jonathan, a kid who was saved by Buffy from killing himself in the famously banned school shooting episode “Earshot.” Then he turned to evil and was eventually killed by his best friend. The word that popped into my head when I read Danny Strong’s name, however, was “superstar.”

“Superstar” was a notably silly filler episode in the fourth season of the show. Jonathan cast a glamour spell that made him seem superior in every way to everyone, making himĀ  a superstar. The viewer still saw him as the short, uncoordinated and not especially attractive character he always was, but everyone else was in awe. Men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. The spell was broken, but not before the loss of life due to Jonathan’s desire to be loved.

I think Danny got into full-on glamour mode when he took about 30 pages from a dubiously sourced book and turned it into 90 minutes of unsourced fiction. He cast a spell where the viewer is told to see Sarah Palin as an actress 7 years older who is dumb, unsophisticated and unliked by everyone. Unlike Buffy, however, almost everyone can see through the false reality that was created by Danny Strong. Ironically, he has fellow liberals to thank.

Remember that the Obama Administration has a clock over religious institutions where they will be required to buy an insurance policy that will pay the cost of both contraception and abortions by 2013. This was always the case, but many Catholics who supported Obamacare thought they would get the kind of waivers the unions did. That controversy basically disappeared in a few weeks with help from Democrats using misogyny as the new racism and going back to the three-year-old tactic of treating a radio host like a legislator.

Something happened on the way to the Rush Limbaugh burning. I’m not even referring to the fact that sponsors are trying to get back on his show. The plan backfired. Limbaugh apologized and got a chance to detail the way House Democrats manipulated rules to bring in this off-the-record testimony. Then the focus went on to the number of other media personalities and the verbal hate speech they committed against Sarah Palin. Bill Maher was first on this list, using what has become the most foul of four-letter words to use against a woman. He quickly tried to cool down the controversy by saying that Rush apologized and that everyone should move on.

Now the spotlight has fallen on Louis CK. He was chosen to host the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner. Greta Van Susteren took the opportunity to collect the crude tirades he gave on Sarah Palin recently and call for a boycott of members. The comedian was dropped from the event. In fact, this last week of Palin invectives has made her more sympathetic than ever in a week where the story was supposed to be focused on how bad Palin was for the McCain campaign.

The problem with liberals being the mainstream of American media is that they’ve been out in the open for decades. Some conservatives have watched it while not being influenced by it. We know your history and we will not be silenced. For every Rush Limbaugh you go after, there are 100 liberals who did worse with impunity. We want a level playing field and now we can create one.

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