Days of Change

Day 1221 – Data Points

March 9, 2012

One of the amusing, but expected, responses I’ve witnessed over the Obama tape with Derick Bell was disappointment over the lack of a smoking gun. Race enthusiast Soledad O’Brien became extremely animated over the lack of a “bombshell” moment. Did she expect Obama to start calling for the genocide of whites or that he would start making out with Bell in front of the audience? If she did, it would say a lot about what she knows about Obama. Anti-Obama liberals are annoyed. They wanted some proof that Obama was a closet Republican. Instead, he’s the kind of community organizer of their dreams.

Those who think that Andrew Breitbart spent his last days digging up a tape that was available to varying extents all over the place have no idea what Breitbart was about. This is the vetting of Obama, not the failed ambush of Obama. The so-called ACORN videos are the most obvious example. The launch of Big Government was tied to the video of ACORN workers telling a white couple how to start a human trafficking enterprise on the government’s dime. When everyone thought it was one video, ACORN denounced a few employees and the media ignored it. Three months later, there were 8 videos and ACORN was in serious trouble. By the time Congress revoked their funding, the news media had to explain, for the first time in some cases, what had been going on.

There will be more videos. I don’t know that any are smoking guns. It’s more like water torture, the slow drip of more information until it can’t be ignored any longer. What we’re getting are data points, The more information you get, the clearer the picture becomes. There is a Barack Obama history and we don’t know anything yet.

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