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Day 1220 – Afraid New World

March 8, 2012
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I saw Cosmic Slop.

When I heard the description of the story written by Obama mentor Derrick Bell, I immediately remembered the HBO program where aliens traded enormous wealth in exchange for anyone darker than a paper bag. This was a trilogy of racially themed fantasy. The other segments bashed the Catholic Church and one story was about when the revolution came and African-Americans killed all the white people. Then again, this was 1994, when Dennis Miller was doing stand-up shows for HBO and Bill Maher was a politically incorrect libertarian on Comedy Central.

Why is this important? From year to year, the days pass but the players rarely change. Derrick Bell’s death is the primary thing that took him out of Obama’s sphere. George Stephanopoulos went from the Clinton administration to ABC and two ABC reporters went directly from covering the 2008 campaign to serving the winner. Of course, today’s media bias award goes to Soledad O’Brien, who read Bell’s books and mourned his death, but did not disclose this during her attack interview on CNN toward Breitbart editor Joel Pollack.

Even the current crop of leftist voices have been groomed in the entertainment industry for decades. Conservatives have very few personalities with the same longevity. One is Rush Limbaugh, who was targeted for economic attack until the left ran out of sponsors to muscle and Obama had a clear shot at good press. This post almost gets the story right. It stopped being about the legality of covering the morally objectionable, and the warriors against Limbaugh are frequently tainted by the same crimes in their ranks. Still, it goes deeper than that.

Those who hate Limbaugh for his 20 years of conservative talk are blinded by schadenfreude. Limbaugh is going down for sexist talk so everyone becomes extra concerned with women’s rights this week, Defending Rush may appear to be justification, but since no specific person was called anything in that case, I think it is a useful exercise. In the case of Laura Ingraham or Sarah Palin, those women were actually called those things in a “she’s a ____” manner of speech. What’s happened is a coordinated attack of intimidation, and not toward an activist.

Boycotts are a tool employed by people who don’t like a company’s products. It expanded decades ago to include getting customers to refrain from buying from companies that had bad corporate policies, like doing business in South Africa. It has expanded further into boycotting the products of companies who advertise of entertainment programming people disagree with. The Rush Limbaugh boycott is about silencing dissent. It’s also the revival of the vendetta over how Limbaugh’s “I hope he fails” comment failed to gain Obama a foothold against the new media.

The fact that certain words generate such a negative response is an indication that they are really not as acceptable and common as any other word. I personally think that words can only be used as weapons if people make them weapons. That’s one of the things Bill Maher believed in back in the days of “Politically Incorrect.” The fact that he still uses crude language and most everyone thinks he’s beneath contempt is the proof that freedom of language can still put certain words out of favor. Andrew Breitbart ultimately wanted more speech, not less. His site is releasing videos others hid in 2008. Soledad O’Brien is trying to convince people not to watch them. Who is performing the actual duty of the press?

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