Days of Change

Day 1218 – Running Out of Narratives

March 6, 2012

Watch the media over the next few days. The Fluke Story, which was invisible today, will all but disappear for the next few days. I can also predict how much it will return based on the jobs report Friday. If the report is good, Fluke will be dumped for Recovery Spring starring Barack Obama. If it sucks badly enough, there will be new analysis of Rush Limbaugh’s advertising and the many groups trying to take him down. Slut shaming will become the new Occupy.

Obviously, this narrative is cover for Obama’s assault on religious autonomy, but it is also guerrilla advertising. The key to political advertising is that negative advertising works, and it is designed to get the voter to stay home, not to vote for you. Occupy was able to turn Democrats who voted for McCain against all Republicans. The ones who could see through Occupy are being culled by the Rush Limbaugh story. Clinton supporters hate Rush because he was the bane of Clinton’s presidency. He helped to get the message out about the Contract with America in 1994 and he made sure no one forgot about Monica Lewinsky.

While Occupy may have only struck a nerve with hippies and hippie wannabes, Limbaugh hatred is cutting deeper. At least Romney was smart enough not to take the bait, because he’s the line in the sand for many anybody but Obama Democrats. I forgot how unhinged some people get about a radio show host who’s been doing this for 20 years nationally and has weathered numerous “controversies.” Why is this different? The media say it is and people believe it.

Andrew Breitbart had a special disdain for the system that enforced orthodoxy. In many cases, it is as small as a e-mail list of journalists or the lazy news editors who base stories on poorly written and sloppily researched Media Matters blog posts. I have brought up the three-step process of making up the news.  First, you find news, extract the real story and then create a narrative from the carcass of the original story. The news is that Democrats staged a Committee Meeting with a witness speaking about the need for contraception in college. The real story is the legality of federal mandates for what insurance policy an employer has to offer. The narrative is that Rush Limbaugh called the witness a slut (which he did not) and that he is a spokesman for the Republican Party, something he is not.

There are glimmers of reality. Since the boycott of the show by advertisers, companies like Carbonite have seen their stock fall by 12% in the 1.5 days of trading since Rush Limbaugh’s first radio show of the week.Oil prices are climbing despite the claims that Bush was solely responsible for raising oil prices because of his oil industry connections. Whenever people can see what is going on, it looks bad for Obama, The left is running out of time to put Vaseline over that camera lens.

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