Days of Change

Day 1215 – Tired

March 3, 2012

I’ve heard a few descriptions of Andrew Breitbart in recent days. He was tireless, talkative, frenetic and ingenious. Greg Gutfeld said he was the only person he knew who “worked without a net.” One description struck me. He was a force of nature, In the conservative movement, there is one other person who shares that description. That’s Sarah Palin. Andrew was 43, Palin is 48. In the political world, under 50 is adolescence.

In the Republican party, the current ideological split can be narrowed to the age gap between the Romney supporters and the others. Ron Paul may be the oldest candidate, but he has the most enthusiastic young supporters. This isn’t the case for Democrats. Their young supporters were Obama supporters, and many of them are bored with him now. The Democratic party is showing it’s age.

Breitbart recently referred to the “silver ponytails,” 60’s era radicals who were the mentors to Barack Obama. The now over 50 president has political opinions from people who are in their 60s. Congress is full of Democrats who have been in office since the 60s. Even his opponents among the Clinton fans were over 40 when Clinton left office over a decade ago. Breitbart wasn’t even 30 when he helped Mat Drudge reveal now-defunct Newsweek’s shelving of a Monica Lewinsky story.

But it’s more than the years of your life.  It’s the life in your years. The Democratic Party is tired. The ideas are tired. Every time they talk about Republicans now, they are fighting mythical 1950’s Republicans. They’re reliving the glory days when liberals (who were sometimes Republicans) protested for various rights. The Democrats have no rights to give anymore, just borrowed money. The “conservatives” are the ones who want to liberate people economically.

No one can fit a lifetime into 43 years, but Andrew Breitbart did the very best he could. The fact that he was almost universally ignored by the dinosaur media proves that they are the ones living in the past, when editorial decisions were an excuse for controlling information. The ones smart enough to not ignore him, had to praise him. They knew the power of exposing people for being cruel bastards. Now, we will outlive them.

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