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Day 1214 – The Ill of Rights

March 2, 2012
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Years before he met Andrew Breitbart or pimped out ACORN, James O’Keefe tried to use outrageous examples to point out the absurdity of liberal orthodoxy. He worked on a sting that revealed Planned Parenthood was willing to work with donors who wanted their money funneled to the specific goal of paying for abortions of African-American fetuses. At Rutgers, he had Lucky Charms banned at the dining hall.

What’s the difference between him and contraceptive activist Sandra Fluke? She has more commitment. It appears that Fluke matriculated at a Catholic law school for the sole purpose of exposing the rather predictable fact that Georgetown did not cover the cost of contraception (although they may cover the doctor visit to get the prescription). I think O’Keefe just went to Rutgers because he wanted to go there.

I wasn’t sure how I would want to cover this when I stumbled upon a college sex story at The Crawdad Hole. I realized something. The Fluke story has nothing to do with sex. Sex is just the candy coating to get people arguing about slutty college students. Fluke and Democrats in the House are now punking conservatives like O’Keefe did to liberals with his Lucky Charms scam. Here’s the evidence. The Obama administration’s mandate does not extend to students at Catholic universities like Sandra Fluke anyway.

The reason that a group of presumably evil men testified at a hearing last week was because those religious leaders were defending themselves against an action the government already implemented. There is a First Amendment right to the freedom of religion and speech. Since money is speech according to the Supreme Court, the administration is restricting the exercise of religion and speech by making religious institutions spend money in contrast to their religious beliefs.

There is nothing in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution that requires the availability of health insurance or health care. There is no right to free products. Mathematically, there is nothing free except for the rights of expression. The right to make someone else pay for your prescription medication is about as valid as the right to eat in a dining hall free of “racist” cereals like Lucky Charms.


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