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Day 1213 – Andrew Breitbart

March 1, 2012
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Back when the Huffington Post pretended to feature different political voices instead of a bunch of unpaid liberals, Greg Gutfeld reported to Andrew Breitbart the editor of the website. Both were fans of punk music, sardonic, well versed in pop culture and solidly conservative. Today, Greg credited Andrew with bringing Gutfeld to the attention of Fox News. When Gutfeld became the host of Red Eye, Andrew Breitbart appeared on his first show, and many others.

I first heard of Breitbart from the show Red Eye. His sense of humor was his calling card five years ago. He started, an aggregator of video clips. Most of the viewers of Fox News learned about Andrew Breitbart after the ACORN sting story that broke on his Big Government web site. Viewers of MSNBC and dinosaur news were kept from the news of ACORN until the day it lost government funding and they had to play catch up.

Since then, Breitbart has targeted Hollywood, the media and the peace activist community that doubles as an anti-Israeli lobby. Many conservative outlets carp on their political enemies, but Breitbart took the fight to them. He encouraged the use of Alinsky tactics to mess with the heads of the left. He told audiences that they were the new media and their camera phones were the tools. Every time a media outlet made the mistake of having him on to grill him, he would air their dirty biased laundry instead. If you liked what Newt Gingrich does to the media in debates, he might have learned it from Breitbart.

Everyone in the conservative movement is poorer for having lost Andrew Breitbart. His friends are poorer still, since he was universally considered a great friend, human being and an unstoppable dynamo. I was unable to find video of his cell phone speech. In lieu of that, I will end this with his self-description from Twitter, where he spent his last hours doing what he did in many other hours, slamming the morons on Twitter who are dumb enough to try to argue with Andrew Breitbart.

Mild-mannered family guy. Husky male model. Likes to throw objects. Funnier than Olbermann. – The Movie.

Update: I found a clip of Breitbart and the new media.

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