Days of Change

Day 1192 – Putting on Ayers

February 9, 2012

In Chicago, where being immoral and well-connected makes you a patron of the arts, a charity thought it would be a good idea to auction off a dinner with terrorist power couple Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Ironically, it was when conservative writer Tucker Carlson won the bet. This weekend, the dinner occurred and the Daily Caller website tells the tale.

The couple are truly disciples of Saul Alinsky. Rather than being rude or confrontational, they chose to be charming and cordial. They stayed on message, singing the praises of Barack Obama but playing down their relationship with him. Though famously anti-war, (if not anti-violence) they found every way possible to justify and support the actions of this president that would have been called war-mongering butchery in any other administration.

This represents the new front of conservative activism. Instead of the liberal style of getting into people’s faces and shouting them down, more people on the right are confronting the left where they live, on their own turf, asking them the questions they can’t answer and relaying the results on social media. For Carlson and guest Andrew Breitbart, the Ayers’ slip ups were more telling than their manifestos. Sometimes palling around with terrorists has a positive result.

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Day 1191 – Enumerated and Implied

February 8, 2012

The talk of 11 dimensional chess tends to make people think in terms of moves and counter-moves. I understand this is the stock and trade of conspiracy theorists and it’s very seductive. My experience is that people are usually pretty transparent about their goals. This president is not, and that may be because he has a number of people to whom he is beholden. The people bankrolling Obama scare me more than Obama himself.

The Obamacare decision this week to require Catholic organizations, like churches and charities, to offer zero co-pay insurance for sterilization, birth control and abortion seems to me as more of a language barrier. The people who populate the White House don’t seem to understand the objections to this, not from the churches themselves, but from everyone.

Abortion is legal in the United States, although restricted in many states to earlier stages of pregnancy and to adult women. It has been interpreted in the last four decades as an aspect of the right to self-determination. However, abortion is not a right in the legal sense of the word. Health codes generally require a medical professional to be involved. It has to be paid for, either through insurance or in currency. Abortion providers are sometimes few and far between. Rights are traditionally things that dictate the government allow it, not that the government facilitate it.

The First Amendment has enumerated and implied rights. It is the first part of the Bill of Rights created to keep the Constitution in check. It grants freedom of religion and of speech. An individual is allowed to practice their religion and not follow the dictates of a state religion, like the Anglican Church at the time of the American Revolution. Speech is also allowed with few restrictions, mostly based on people giving marching orders to anarchy.

Does a non-Catholic (or Catholic, to be honest) have a right to have an insurance plan with no co-pay for family planning? Right now, the answer is no. Despite the claims, President Obama did not “give us health care.” 50 million people are still uninsured and the 20-somethings on their parents’ insurance plans use the least health care of almost any group. If some people don’t have that kind of insurance, it’s hard to consider it a right.

I think that the people who decided to push the Catholic Church into this figured that abortion is a right by their standards and the Church was just whining about having to pay for it. Furthermore, when the Church fought back by issuing statements at services this weekend, the government forced military chaplains to censor their statements. It might not be a violation of the First Amendment, but it sure seems like it.

I have to condemn the Church for supporting Obamacare two years earlier. Pope John Paul II fought the Nazis and their creeping Socialism. Hitler was bad, but Socialism is the real problem. Every other country that’s using it has a virtually faithless population. Instead of taking a burden off the Church financially, Obamacare will simply make it irrelevant. To paraphrase scripture, you reap what you sow.

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Day 1190 – Rick Rolled

February 7, 2012

Will Iowa be the new king maker?

Rick Santorum has now racked up three state wins and leapfrogged over Romney in contest wins. Obviously one can argue that one state doesn’t count at all and the others have low delegate counts at stake. Romney kept his power dry now that Newt has been beaten down. Gingrich is now at around 10% which is the effective Ron Paul range. Santorum has slowly been adopting Newt’s message of not attacking the other guys.

There’s an internet phenomenon called Rick Rolling where someone is given a surprise link to a video of the Rick Astley pop hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Rick Santorum has rolled Mitt Romney, for the second time now. I have to say, if Mitt has a ton of money but is dumb enough to be constantly blindsided by Rick Santorum, I may have bet on the wrong horse.

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Day 1189 – Win Ugly

February 6, 2012

Obama Democrats think that everything Republicans do to win an election is either racist, brainwashing, fear mongering, pandering or some combination of all of the above. When the Obama campaign used all four, it was considered post-racial, high-information, logical and inclusive. The Tea Party changed that dynamic by opposing the administration, but doing it in a way that supported freedom and liberty. It was the first time in over a decade that it had happened.

The Republicans proposed a Contract with America in 1994 to solve the ills of a Democratic-controlled Congress. They put many of the items up for vote, but also had well-publicized run-ins with the President. The creator of that plan, Newt Gingrich, resigned after less successful 1998 elections and things went downhill from there. The party gave up on principles in Congressional elections and chose to win ugly. They encouraged incumbency, got cozy with K Street and redirected pork to their districts. In 200, they briefly lost the Senate. In 2006, they lost both houses.

Winning ugly is a win, but it is rarely a foundational event. It is one of the greatest fears in Republican circles that Romney will win ugly and damage Republican ideals by offering Obama-lite. I think Romney is a gun for hire who can win ugly, I just think it’s a bad idea for the future. Obama won ugly and the Democrats lost the house. Gingrich may win in a way that pisses people off, but at least he’s had a proven track record of principles. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, it’s up to the House and Senate Republicans to keep the soul of the party intact.

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Day 1188 – The Stupid Bowl

February 5, 2012
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Nevada was the least important GOP contest so far. Even so, it’s being used to call the nomination for Romney. Both establishments seem to support this, but for different reasons. Republicans fear Romney will eventually lose, Democrats fear he will become more powerful with every contest against Newt Gingrich.

In 2008, it took until Super Tuesday for McCain to become the clear winner. For the Democrats, it went all the way to the convention, although the RBC meeting in May might have sealed the deal. Romney lost ugly that year. In this year’s nomination fight, he will likely win ugly. As of now, there are four challengers. Ron Paul is pretty flush, Santorum is running on a shoe string and Gingrich is in serious trouble, especially if Sheldon Adelson is done bankrolling the campaign. It won’t end here.

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Day 1187 – Straight From the Horse’s Ass

February 4, 2012

I watched some of MSNBC’s coverage of the Nevada Caucuses tonight. The only thing newsworthy about the event is that Romney still might not break 40% and Ron Paul could come in second. What I learned was from what’s on MSNBC.

When they weren’t talking to Steve Schmidt about how much he contributed to HBO’s Palin hatchet job, the were talking about Rick Santorum. It seems they are very interested in his blue collar message and the possibility of him being Romney’s VP. Rick Santorum has some attractive qualities, but in a week where abortion was a big issue, a social conservative like Santorum could cause that ticket to be attacked from multiple fronts,

I find MSNBC to be ground zero for liberal talking points. I can get it right from the horse’s mouth (or ass) first. From what I can tell, the Dems want Gingrich killed in this race as much as the GOP. If that’s the case, I agree with Sarah Palin. Newt needs to keep on keeping on.


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Day 1186 – Everyone’s Fired. Let the Job Creation Begin

February 3, 2012

The (insert overly superior adjective here) January job creation numbers have one flaw. The number of total jobs is actually down. Not wasting a crisis, the Obama administration managed to make the bad job situation their advantage in almost any circumstance. When Republicans failed to extend unemployment benefits for 3 or 4 years, it took people entirely off the unemployment roles. This low point in employment can only go up, but not by much. We are likely in the dead cat bounce portion of the “recovery.”

This may be better than the first three years of Obama, but there’s nothing too great here. The Stimulus has been spent on his cronies for years and yet he credits it for a recover. However, he still wants to spend more and tax more to keep it from ending. The pattern is predictable. If things are bad, spend money to fix it. If things are good, spend money because it’s there. All I want to spend money on is the moving van in a year from now.

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Day 1185 – I Hope Somebody Likes Him

February 2, 2012

I understand that the Romney campaign has been courting the endorsement of Donald Trump for some time. Getting it today was probably not the best timing. Mitt is now getting hit with claims of financial elitism by claiming the poor don’t matter since government has programs for them. Now, he has the endorsement of a man who is famous for telling people they’re fired.

Some political analysts have claimed that Romney will do well around women, Hispanics, independents and even Democrats. That’s the electability argument. It looks like the media thinks this contest is over between Gingrich and Romney. Praise for his centrism has been replaced by tales of his elitism. I hope Romney can keep the support of non-Republicans. He may need it.

If “Generic Republican” were running against Obama, there would be a new president in 2013. The Tea Party brought a new energy to the party in 2010 along with new candidates. Established Republicans often had a hard time with the change. With Romney as the presumptive nominee, those Tea Partiers will now have to accept a moderately (pun intended) better politician than Obama. Will he repeal Obamacare? Even if he doesn’t, the unions will lose those waivers that are saving them millions right now. Will he spend less? He will if the Congress goes completely Republican this time.

The media spent a lot of time painting Newt Gingrich as crazy and Mitt Romney as rich. Rich is probably more electable than crazy. People seem to like Trump’s antics, but he’s rich and crazy.


My apologies to commenter Somebody for the title.

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Day 1184 – Good News! Women are Dumb

February 1, 2012
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Among the groups that picked Mitt Romney over Newt Gingrich (aside from the educated and affluent) were women. Prostitution enthusiast Dick Morris thinks that Mitt Romney’s high appeal to women voters bodes well for the general election. This tends to go against the South Carolina results where women voted for Gingrich over Romney, along with all the non-rich or moderately educated voters in the state.

More women voters in the Republican parties is a good thing. What’s not good is a net 14% loss of anyone voting in the Florida Republican primary. Negative ads work. So does sausage. What people may not want to see is that negative ads make people not want to vote. Even thought Florida is supposedly a microcosm for the rest of the country, the exit polling is very distorted from the slightly pro-Gingrich polls nationally. Were women more affected by the Florida ad bombing? Were men more affected by not showing up to vote? All we know is that fewer people bothered to show up.

Romney’s negative ads in 2008 made me despise him. I imagine it could do the same this year. This guy has got to get into a positive message. He’s not gaining Hispanics or women or anything right now. He’s just annoying people. Obama is going to lose plenty of voters. We don’t need Romney to lose even more.

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