Days of Change

Day 1212 – The Two-Man Race

February 29, 2012

In this four man race that was really a three man race, Newt Gingrich may have had his final surge of the campaign season. He still has a chance on Super Tuesday, but his claim to the not Romney mantle is now weaker than that of Rick Santorum.

Santorum and Romney aren’t actually that far apart on issues. Both are pro-life, but Romney came to that belief later in his career. Both are spenders. Santorum is not afraid of funding a pork project. Romney signed off on a massive government health care system. Romney has been tied to the mantle of the RINO Republican where Santorum has been labeled a true conservative, if not quite a Tea Partier.

I think this ends up being the final run in a week or so. Romney will blow past his competitors in the delegate count and he will have to think about a running mate. Newt has made it clear that his temperament is not right for the job. However, Santorum fits the bill nicely. He has some experience, he represents a different region of the northeast and he’s a Republican counterpart to the blue collar image of Joe Biden. I think the GOP could win with this combination.

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