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Day 1209 – An Embarrassment of Riches?

February 26, 2012
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If Obama is as beatable as he seems to be, why haven’t the big players in the Republican Party joined in the race for the GOP nomination? The presumption is that there should be an embarrassment of riches with big names like Chris Christie and Jeb Bush. Maybe Sarah Palin should be in it as well. There are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to stay away from the contest as well, however.

It’s Mitt’s world. Mitt Romney has a huge amount of infrastructure and support he has accumulated since his failed 2008 campaign. Early Romney supporters who had a chance of running for president saw that there was an uphill climb against the Romney organization. Plus, he likes to scorch earth under his opponents.

There’s a new kind of candidate. Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich wouldn’t normally have much of a chance. Even Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin aren’t traditional establishment choices. Safe choices like Tim Pawlenty found himself overwhelmed early. Mitt Romney did well against a sea of not Romneys. When the field narrowed, only Ron Paul was keeping away lopsided victories by Romney opponents. The latest theory is that Romney¬† is tacitly supporting Ron Paul in exchange for better treatment and a bribe to be named later. If Rick Santorum loses to Romney soon, it’s down to one nominee.

The Tea Party is in the House. This is the real stumbling block to a 2012 Mitt Romney coronation. The Tea Party is against Obamacare, opposes increased debt spending and isn’t concerned about the Republicans losing an election if their candidate doesn’t measure up. This may have kept more establishment (and moderate) Republicans out of the race. I wonder if the Republicans don’t have a Plan B. If the lose the election to Obama, do they blame the Tea Party? They blamed Senate losses on then, even though it was almost mathematically impossible to win all the seats needed.

Even thought he is loathsome, Romney does have the ability to win this election. I just hope others like Sarah palin work on getting a Republican majority in the Senate and keeping one in the House. Chances are, we might need it.

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