Days of Change

Day 1207 – You Think $4 is Bad?

February 24, 2012

New York and California will see gas at $4 a gallon by the start of March this year. Iran is still on course to develop nuclear weapon material and the winter to summer fuel change is still weeks away. Gas prices of $5 per gallon is pretty much a given. If speculation ramps up enough, it will go to $6 or more by Memorial Day.

President Obama is essentially doubling down on the kind of graft-powered solar technology that has become the most wasted part of a wasteful $1 trillion Stimulus plan. It’s a fairly common tactic. If you did something wrong, pretend you didn’t by doing the wrong thing even worse. If you had an affair, lie about it. If you gave money to campaign donors for failed green energy scams, propose giving more as if it’ not a scam.

The only “innovators” of solar technology who have seen any profit are the Chinese manufacturers who usually end up making the green energy devices subsidized by tax money. The only reason for anyone to use an alternative fuel source is to get a tax break. Obama is now making the asinine claim that if we keep his incompetent ass in office, we won’t have to worry about gas prices in the coming summers because of breakthrough technology.

That’s bull. It would take 10-20 years for any green technology to make a dent in fuel consumption. Even the most green-forward countries only employ a few percent of their total energy grid in wind and solar. The most effective green technology is nuclear power and it’s not considered renewable. Then there are the naysayers who claim drilling anywhere will yield no oil for a decade. Well, if we drilled in ANWR after September 11, 2001, we wouldn’t eve need a Keystone pipeline. Then again, we probably won’t get that either.

One theory I’ve heard is that while rampant mortgage speculation was the underlying cause of the current recession, high oil prices in the summer of 2008 were the spark that set off the downfall. You may be able to run your car from unicorn farts, but it still takes crude oil to make asphalt and many other road and home construction products. Am I hoping for bad news like Obama has claimed? No, I have eyes and a brain and I vote.

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