Days of Change

Day 1197 – The Lines Are Drawn

February 14, 2012

I understand to some extent the feelings of those who think that either a president Obama or a president Romney in 2013 is a forgone conclusion brought about by some nefarious monied interests. I just don’t agree with them. Only certain people can run for president. They are party loyalists. They are usually tall and disproportionately left-handed. That is not some sinister conspiracy, either.

Bill Clinton did not somehow emerge as a populist and evade the Democratic machine to become president. He wasn’t some unknown from a backwater state. He spoke at the 1988 Democratic Convention. He was the head of the DLC, a collection of moderate Democrats created when movement liberals were getting their asses beat by conservatives. He was a major player in the party. He won the nomination because other big names thought Bush was unbeatable and Bush mostly became beatable because of Ross Perot.

George W. Bush was the real rebel in his party. He won due to fighting dirty and playing to win. I can go on and on about how the election was not stolen, but it is dogma to some people. He won again thanks to an extremely weak competitor. That was the year George Soros learned to retool. Obama won for the same reason GWB got the nomination, John McCain is a lousy presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton is not running. She doesn’t want to be a two-time loser. She learned her fan base is only so big. Sarah Palin may have thought the same. Raging against the dying of the light may be romantic, but it also sucks. No one’s perfect candidate is on the ballot.

I will not be dissuaded. This election is to prevent a meat puppet to be reelected by even dumber meat puppets. Conspiracy theories will be given the respect they deserve. If you think nothing will stop this train, just don’t bring everyone else down. I frequently decried the kind of soul sucking psy ops that were coming from the Obama campaign and distributed by the media in 2008. I believe in the free market. I do not believe in every choice under the sun. If they don’t have rum raisin, pick something else or leave Baskin Robbins. Don’t cry about how much you hate vanilla and chocolate.

Note: This applies mostly to the few who read and do not post. Go figure.

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