Days of Change

Day 1196 – Doubling Down on Dumb

February 13, 2012

I ended up getting sucked into speculation about what possible motive President Obama had for his proclamations about employer coverage for religious institutions. Was he trying to appeal to a feminist base to bring them back into the fold? Was he trying to fuel a Santorum rally from the backlash. Was he trying to fit another puzzle piece into place for a socialist utopia? I have come to the conclusion he wasn’t doing shit.

The key to understanding Obama is that Obama is dumb. Unlike a normal president who ignores his most crazy advisers, he let women in his administration take control, because we all know that Obama is submissive toward women and unnecessarily combative toward men. He was fed the wrongheaded opinion that abortion is a right and religious freedom is not. I don’t really care if someone objects because they hate religion and think it’s for stupid people. I think socialism is bad and for stupid people, but I don’t get a paycheck if I refuse to pay Social Security taxes.

Obama supporters are also failing to learn from mistakes. Racism (by liberals) rears its ugly again, with a highly suspicions coordinated attack on Fox News, preceded by a spam attack of racist comments on a Whitney Houston thread. This, of course, follows the dumb remarks about a video shown at CPAC that was making fun of misconstrued racism and had the opposite effect from bloggers just waiting for rope to hang conservatives.

One of the things that Republicans have to expect is that racism will be used against them. With Romney, it will be based in religious bigotry. John McCain took great pains to keep the 2008 above board. Romney will not. He will win ugly, but he will win. Wall Street demands it.

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