Days of Change

Day 1192 – Putting on Ayers

February 9, 2012

In Chicago, where being immoral and well-connected makes you a patron of the arts, a charity thought it would be a good idea to auction off a dinner with terrorist power couple Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Ironically, it was when conservative writer Tucker Carlson won the bet. This weekend, the dinner occurred and the Daily Caller website tells the tale.

The couple are truly disciples of Saul Alinsky. Rather than being rude or confrontational, they chose to be charming and cordial. They stayed on message, singing the praises of Barack Obama but playing down their relationship with him. Though famously anti-war, (if not anti-violence) they found every way possible to justify and support the actions of this president that would have been called war-mongering butchery in any other administration.

This represents the new front of conservative activism. Instead of the liberal style of getting into people’s faces and shouting them down, more people on the right are confronting the left where they live, on their own turf, asking them the questions they can’t answer and relaying the results on social media. For Carlson and guest Andrew Breitbart, the Ayers’ slip ups were more telling than their manifestos. Sometimes palling around with terrorists has a positive result.

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