Days of Change

Day 1190 – Rick Rolled

February 7, 2012

Will Iowa be the new king maker?

Rick Santorum has now racked up three state wins and leapfrogged over Romney in contest wins. Obviously one can argue that one state doesn’t count at all and the others have low delegate counts at stake. Romney kept his power dry now that Newt has been beaten down. Gingrich is now at around 10% which is the effective Ron Paul range. Santorum has slowly been adopting Newt’s message of not attacking the other guys.

There’s an internet phenomenon called Rick Rolling where someone is given a surprise link to a video of the Rick Astley pop hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Rick Santorum has rolled Mitt Romney, for the second time now. I have to say, if Mitt has a ton of money but is dumb enough to be constantly blindsided by Rick Santorum, I may have bet on the wrong horse.

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