Days of Change

Day 1189 – Win Ugly

February 6, 2012

Obama Democrats think that everything Republicans do to win an election is either racist, brainwashing, fear mongering, pandering or some combination of all of the above. When the Obama campaign used all four, it was considered post-racial, high-information, logical and inclusive. The Tea Party changed that dynamic by opposing the administration, but doing it in a way that supported freedom and liberty. It was the first time in over a decade that it had happened.

The Republicans proposed a Contract with America in 1994 to solve the ills of a Democratic-controlled Congress. They put many of the items up for vote, but also had well-publicized run-ins with the President. The creator of that plan, Newt Gingrich, resigned after less successful 1998 elections and things went downhill from there. The party gave up on principles in Congressional elections and chose to win ugly. They encouraged incumbency, got cozy with K Street and redirected pork to their districts. In 200, they briefly lost the Senate. In 2006, they lost both houses.

Winning ugly is a win, but it is rarely a foundational event. It is one of the greatest fears in Republican circles that Romney will win ugly and damage Republican ideals by offering Obama-lite. I think Romney is a gun for hire who can win ugly, I just think it’s a bad idea for the future. Obama won ugly and the Democrats lost the house. Gingrich may win in a way that pisses people off, but at least he’s had a proven track record of principles. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, it’s up to the House and Senate Republicans to keep the soul of the party intact.

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