Days of Change

Day 1187 – Straight From the Horse’s Ass

February 4, 2012

I watched some of MSNBC’s coverage of the Nevada Caucuses tonight. The only thing newsworthy about the event is that Romney still might not break 40% and Ron Paul could come in second. What I learned was from what’s on MSNBC.

When they weren’t talking to Steve Schmidt about how much he contributed to HBO’s Palin hatchet job, the were talking about Rick Santorum. It seems they are very interested in his blue collar message and the possibility of him being Romney’s VP. Rick Santorum has some attractive qualities, but in a week where abortion was a big issue, a social conservative like Santorum could cause that ticket to be attacked from multiple fronts,

I find MSNBC to be ground zero for liberal talking points. I can get it right from the horse’s mouth (or ass) first. From what I can tell, the Dems want Gingrich killed in this race as much as the GOP. If that’s the case, I agree with Sarah Palin. Newt needs to keep on keeping on.


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