Days of Change

Day 1185 – I Hope Somebody Likes Him

February 2, 2012

I understand that the Romney campaign has been courting the endorsement of Donald Trump for some time. Getting it today was probably not the best timing. Mitt is now getting hit with claims of financial elitism by claiming the poor don’t matter since government has programs for them. Now, he has the endorsement of a man who is famous for telling people they’re fired.

Some political analysts have claimed that Romney will do well around women, Hispanics, independents and even Democrats. That’s the electability argument. It looks like the media thinks this contest is over between Gingrich and Romney. Praise for his centrism has been replaced by tales of his elitism. I hope Romney can keep the support of non-Republicans. He may need it.

If “Generic Republican” were running against Obama, there would be a new president in 2013. The Tea Party brought a new energy to the party in 2010 along with new candidates. Established Republicans often had a hard time with the change. With Romney as the presumptive nominee, those Tea Partiers will now have to accept a moderately (pun intended) better politician than Obama. Will he repeal Obamacare? Even if he doesn’t, the unions will lose those waivers that are saving them millions right now. Will he spend less? He will if the Congress goes completely Republican this time.

The media spent a lot of time painting Newt Gingrich as crazy and Mitt Romney as rich. Rich is probably more electable than crazy. People seem to like Trump’s antics, but he’s rich and crazy.


My apologies to commenter Somebody for the title.

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