Days of Change

Day 1183 – Crushing

January 31, 2012

Florida is the gift that keeps on giving.

In 2008, the Florida legislature moved up their primary for a greater part in the process. instead, they were blocked from the Democratic primaries until their delegates were needed to shore up Obama’s lead in the delegate count. This time, the early primary is at the expense of half their delegates but the gain of millions of dollars in ad buys for local TV stations. After being bombarded with ads, a candidate with a slight national lead was soundly beaten by a candidate who outspent him 4 to 1.

Mitt Romney’s ability to go hard negative and not care what people think of him will serve him well in the general election. If he needs more than triple the money of the Obama campaign to get it done, we’re screwed. Barack Obama will have more money, a submissive media and the power of the federal government. His negative comments about Ronald Reagan aren’t going to take Obama down.

I agree with Sarah Palin. Even if Mitt Romney is the best choice, coddling him will not win an election. Newt is damaging Mitt? Mitt is savaging Newt. It just doesn’t matter to Romney supporters because the Tea Party and conservatives are just obstacles to winning independents. If Romney really believe sin the free market, he should welcome Newt staying in and challenging him all the way to the convention, He’ll need the time to win back the Gingrich supporters he shoved aside.

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