Days of Change

Day 1182 – Losing our Religion

January 30, 2012

One thing about Rick Santorum is that he brings out the values voter in me. Many liberals out there desperately want to attach Santorum to some scandal and it just makes me sad. Today, Santorum was on Sean Hannity’s show talking about yet another aspect of Obamacare. Churches may soon be required to pay for insurance plans covering contraception and abortion. However one may personally feels about the requirement, it puts the churches in the position of either dropping health insurance or violating their beliefs. Ironically, many of those same churches supported Obamacare, believing the hype about it helping the poor.

My experience, by and large, with the non-religious is that religion is a bad thing. This is a group of people who are solid in their beliefs and yet find it a character flaw for people to have the conviction of faith. One of the few atheists I could stand is conservative S.E. Cupp. She wrote a book called “Losing our Religion” about the damaging effects of a country without religious values. Cupp is a non-believer. She hasn’t personally experienced God, but she sees the benefits of religious faith. It’s a real-life example of Pascal’s wager.

Freedom of religion should not include freedom from religion. People with no faith should not have the right to remove faith from others. It is wholly possible to have no religious beliefs without crushing those of others.

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