Days of Change

Day 1178 – Going to War

January 26, 2012

I don’t know if this was a Mitt Romney plan, something his surrogates came up with or the culmination of ideas among supporters, but the dumb bastards who thought of questioning Newt Gingrich’s Reagan era credentials are playing a dangerous game. Ronald Reagan is the most important figure in conservative politics. Everyone else is either beholden to him or some pundit who never got in the game. The Democrats have no modern equivalent. Carter was incompetent, LBJ was a mean SOB and Bill Clinton is still talking about his record. Reagan entered his long twilight after the presidential election of 1992. Reagan is only a memory to a generation of conservatives. No Republican before him could even be considered a successful conservative.

This is the death blow. If people believe Newt Gingrich was an enemy of Ronald Reagan, it’s over. If they instead get an idea of just how much Willard Mitt Romney denied the Reagan legacy in Massachusetts, he’s dead meat. From the last debate, it looks like he will try to use Reagan as a weapon. In this debate, Newt is ready to launch Star Wars on Romney’s ass.

Mitt Romney’s even temper is an asset in a general election. His drawback is the stupid shit he pulls during the primaries to beat his opponents. I find it frankly sad that the people Romney savaged in 2008 felt they had no choice but to support him for president in 2012. Gingrich is using their previous statements to show what kind of man Mitt Romney really is.

I support Mitt Romney for president, but I also think that his inability to have effective ideas will probably kill him before the convention. The smear campaign by Romney surrogates has produced an amazing response from conservative bloggers. Using Reagan is one thing. Lying about him is suicide.

I’m watching tonight’s debate. To quote Mr. T, “My prediction? Pain.”

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