Days of Change

Day 1176 – An Unfortunate Consideration

January 24, 2012

With the race being down to Mitt vs. Newt, there is one question to ask. When it comes to the general election, which voters are more likely to stay home because their nominee didn’t win? Some people have been behind Romney for president five years running. Others think Gingrich is the only thing close to a Tea Party Republican left in the race.

Even though Newt is a big baby, I think Romney supporters are even bigger babies. When Mitt ran as a conservative in 2008, he lost to a more moderate (to them) John McCain. I think that demonization of McCain by the establishment made virtual unknown Obama look palatable by comparison.

The best outcome for me is a Mitt Romney as presidential candidate with Newt Gingrich as VP. The more ideological candidate generally works better as a VP. McCain should have taken Romney as a running mate, but I’m pretty sure Romney was betting on McCain’s loss in 2008.

Romney’s support is strong in the GOP. Gingrich’s support is weak. That support has gone to different candidates from week to week. Romney’s ceiling of 25% is also his floor. Newt may get 40% in South Carolina, but he got around 10% in Iowa and New Hampshire. Why choose one over the other when you can get both?

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