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Day 1174 – It’s that Damn System Again

January 22, 2012
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ABC, Another Barack Channel, featured The Nation’s Hurricane Katrina Vanden Heuvel on Sunday’s This Week. Her liberal focus had no social issues and almost nothing about jobs. Every time she spoke, it was about income inequality, entitlements and the “system” that makes Mitt Romney rich and keeps working people poor.

I have to wonder who the hell owns the system exactly? If Romney is going to perpetuate the system as president, that means that the POTUS has a lot of power over that system. Vanden Heuvel is excited about the populism Obama peddled last year, via his “we can’t wait” campaign. Of course, that implies we could wait for three years and then suddenly deal with the problem that was there since Day 1. That’s one hell of a system there.

The “system” that is currently derided by the political left is known as democracy. Slogans like “we can’t wait” spotlight the attitude of a spoiled child. We already saw the bullying from this administration when the still unpopular Obamacare was passed by the smallest margin possible. The rich don’t benefit from low taxes, they benefit from lobbying. No matter how high taxes are, some people know how to get the laws written so they are exempted.

No matter what happens, there are still elections and people can make a choice. If we lose that ability, complaining about the system won’t do any good any more. Sometimes people just make up an enemy when their idol becomes the enemy.

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