Days of Change

Day 1173 – The Two Man Race

January 21, 2012

If delegates were all that mattered, Romney and Gingrich would be the front-runners. It’s not, but those two are the front-runners. My earlier predictions of a Romney, a not Romney and a Tea Party candidate may yet be accurate. Romney is Romney. Surprisingly, Ron Paul appears to be the Tea Party candidate and Gingrich is now the not Romney. That means Rick Santorum is out of luck.

Not only did Newt Gingrich win a primary, he won the biggest primary. He is the first to win a primary with more than 40% of the vote, no doubt due to the endorsement by Rick Perry. Santorum won Iowa with barely 25%. Mitt Romney got just under 40% in New Hampshire, running as a sort of native son.

This needs to happen. Even though I think Romney is the one who can bring the most money to a general election to beat Obama, Gingrich is also a credible candidate. Romney has to be able to beat Gingrich to be a real challenge to Obama. It’s Apollo vs Rocky now. The question is, will this be Rocky 1 or Rocky 2?

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