Days of Change

Day 1172 – Fortune Favors the Bold

January 20, 2012
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What changed in the last day?

In a sense, very little. Romney and Santorum are still essentially tied in Iowa. Santorum was just able to get the slight edge in votes. Perry’s support hasn’t really budged in weeks, but he finally decided to drop out. This time, however, a departing candidate decided to endorse someone other than Romney.

Newt’s second ex-wife, (the one who cheated with him on his first wife and nearly divorced him later) gave an interview that did nothing but propose that Newt wanted to cheat while he was still married. I think history already teaches us that. I think Newt should send her flowers, because that gave him the moral victory at the debate last night, and a legitimate reason to call out the media.

At the same time, Santorum let the other shoe drop. Conservatives like Rick Santorum, but his comments on social issues have gotten him in trouble, like comparing homosexuality to bestiality. He tried to pile on Newt’s troubles, to the dismay of the audience. He went on the attack, but mostly came off as aggressive rather than assertive.

Romney was highly passive. His worst fumble was over his tax records. Gingrich pulled of a trick by releasing his tax returns during the debate. It made it a legitimate issue, like the marriage stuff. Mitt wants to save the tax returns for when he has the nomination. I guess he’s hedging his bets, pun intended.

The reversal of fortune could be short-lived, however. Romney is still a few points ahead of Gingrich. Santorum has the support of religious conservatives, and tea partiers are split between Ron Paul and the others.Romney will probably get back on track if he can manage a victory in South Carolina, but he may have to take Newt as his VP this summer.

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