Days of Change

Day 1171 – Nomentum

January 19, 2012

Mitt Romney went from two victories and a near win to a 1-1 record with an increasingly possible loss in South Carolina. Rick Santorum has won Iowa with a certified 34 vote (or 0.05%) lead.

Newt Gingrich was handed a gift today when his second ex-wife gave an interview to ABC claiming that Newt wanted an open marriage. Mind you, this was the woman who treated Newt’s first marriage as open since she was the mistress then. Also, contrary to popular belief, he didn’t leave her after she developed MS. She left him by taking all her stuff out of their house and filing for divorce before he came home. He’s been taking his indignation at the media to its full advantage today.

I think Newt won the night. He knows how to turn a phrase and get a standing ovation. Rick Santorum went negative, but he is quickly becoming the next Rick Perry. Ron Paul was Ron Paul. His supporters showed up en masse and he’ll still get single digits in SC. Every time he talks foreign policy, he loses more Republicans. The only thing he can do now is run third party. That will guarantee Obama’s reelection.

Mitt Romney is floundering. It’s what happened in 2008 as well. The party pushes back on his inevitability and he gets in trouble. Romney needs to get his hands dirty, instead of having his PAC do the hatchet job. Save the character destruction for the general election.


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