Days of Change

Day 1169 – This is What a Vice President Looks Like

January 17, 2012

In 1980, a fiscal conservative who touted the new idea of supply side economics in government budgeting was criticized by a fellow Republican challenger. The feud often became heated, but one chose the other as his running mate. For Reagan, George “Voodoo Economics” Bush was the attack dog he needed. I think Mitt Romney should consider his.

Newt Gingrich is a questionable administrator, is occasionally erratic, gets bored easily and rubs colleagues the wrong way. He’s also devastatingly intelligent, rarely at a loss for words and when he gets into a fight, he is absolutely tenacious. Those qualities are what you want in a Vice President. Mitt is no attack dog. He did his duty in 2008 as a surrogate for McCain, but he is better at letting money do the talking. When you need a real live person, Newt is the guy.

One of the McCain campaign’s many failures was keeping Sarah Palin from going negative. She’s a positive person and people love her for it. Still, Sarah knows how to throw a punch when she needs to. Apparently, John McCain preferred losing to explaining why Obama palled around with terrorists.

The Republicans are going to need someone to take on the media. Watch this.

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